Dear Writer with Frustration, Inspiration, & Passion

Dear writer,

I’m with you. Like you I’m waiting for my breakthrough.

Out of frustration and out of inspiration I write here.

First, because even when literary journals or magazines have rejected my works, I refuse to believe that my writing isn’t worth publishing. Second, because Etty Hillesum, a not-so-well-known writer died too young and with her died her dream of becoming an established author. (Eight of her diaries were published in one book, but that doesn’t mean that’s all the writing she had to offer the world.)

I can’t let others write my story. Not anymore. To be honest, I don’t even know that my story is being told.

It has become too dangerous to wait until literary journals or magazines give my work approval. I can assure you that my story like your story is the story someone else is looking for right at this moment.

Lately, I’ve been writing with a combination of more urgency, more purpose, and more transparency.

Don’t think yourself overconfident or selfish.

hand write open notebook mockupWriting is a way to join that grand and endless conversation that constantly switches gears. In fact, you can think yourself selfish for thinking you don’t add value to that conversation, for not letting others step into your shoes. As for overconfidence, you actually need a healthy dose of confidence to be a writer.

This is not to say that our writing can’t benefit from a writing workshop or that we shouldn’t invest more time writing in our preferred genres and on our current projects.

Lately, I’ve been writing with a combination of more urgency, more purpose, and more transparency. Maybe it’s a fear that like Etty I will die at a young age and take with me that dream of becoming an established writer.

Out of this passion for writing, I find myself surrounded with my own journals, an anthology of contemporary literature, poetry, and the books I’m currently reading when I write in the early morning, after lunch, in the evening, and or when insomnia hits at midnight.

Not being labeled established writer, does not take away the satisfaction I feel when I write a paragraph with the perfect order and combination of words that convey the exact emotion or message I intended to write.

So whether we write out of frustration, inspiration, passion, or a combination of all three, it’s important that we continue to write and not give up on our writing.
What are your thoughts on the journey to becoming an established writer?

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