My Struggle with Being Disciplined

I was really, really disappointed in my self by yesterday evening. I failed to turn in a handful of assignments on time that were due at 11:59 p.m.

The straight-A student in me wanted to keep working till midnight, but I decided not to because I felt like I gave this past week worth of coursework my best effort. (Maybe this serves me as a lesson to never again take 3 summer courses, especially the 4-week courses that are the condensed version of 16-week versions.)

I’m not here to complain about the course load, and there’s more to this topic of my experience with graduate school that will probably make it on other blog posts like questioning myself if I really made the right decision to start working on a master’s degree at this time or whether or not I chose the right degree. 

I’m actually here to talk about discipline and procrastination.  I know that some people work well when deadlines are nearer. I can be one of these people, but I’ve also learned that this is not the way I produce my best work. So I’m a bit ashamed of some of the work I was able to turn in on time.

When I think about all the leaders I admire, I can quantify their discipline through their actions. When I look at their success such as publishing books, a large following, and their collaborations with other great leaders, I know for sure that they put in long hours of hard work.

Maybe I’m feeling on the lazy side because it’s summer. Maybe I’m adjusting to the requirements of the four-week courses and the higher expectations of graduate school. But one thing I know for sure is that the only way I’m going to pass these summer courses is by being 1,000% more disciplined.

Here’s to the start of a great week!

Q: How do you apply discipline in your life?


3 thoughts on “My Struggle with Being Disciplined

  1. I always had problem with getting to work early (before dead-line is scaring me). But recently I have became a master of making lists. Lists of all projects, after list of tasks for each project, and finally daily lists with tasks to-do. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. And it is very satisfying to tick this last task for the day as done 🙂

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