Lost Time is Never Found Again

I’m going to try this creative writing challenge which I found on Andrea’s blog The Perks of being Different which she found on Goldie’s BlogThe creative writing prompt is to “In exactly 120 words, write about an event that left an indelible imprint on your mind.” Let me know if you give it a try!

As family started arriving at my grandparent’s house for a family reunion, I kept my eyes glued to the door, so that I could greet everyone. At one point, two of my now tall cousins walked in, and I asked one of them, “Do you remember me?” When he smiled and nodded, I remembered his mischievous smile as a little boy, I remembered him chasing me and me chasing him, I remembered how my teenager self at one point felt annoyed by his endless energy.  When he did not chase me like my duckling, when he greeted me out of politeness and then left, I finally understood those sayings about time like the following: lost time is never found again.



1527483638039Hi, my name is Andrea, and I am an English Language Arts teacher who loves reflecting over the truth, beauty, and wisdom I find through reading, journaling, and teaching. The Hummingbird’s Journal is where I collect these reflections. Feel free to join me on Twitter where I retweet (more than I tweet) all things funny, enlightening, artsy, and poetical.

6 thoughts on “Lost Time is Never Found Again

  1. Oh wow! There is so much power in simplicity!
    You have taken the challenge to the next level.

    The last time I saw my younger cousin was about 13 years ago.
    I saw pictures of how he looks now.
    I do wonder how it would be if we’d be face to face again!

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