There are Ghosts and Madness in These Lines

This is a poetry series in which I share poetry lines that move me and why they move me. The following lines are from The Carrying by Ada Limon.

What if I want to go devil instead? Bow

down to the madness that makes me.

spirit-2304469_1920from “Last Summer After a Panic Attack”

  • I think that all artists including writers carry a madness. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) Here, I’m using the either the “state of frenzied or chaotic activity” definition or “extremely foolish behavior.” My madness sometimes occurs after midnight when I can’t sleep and there’s chaos in my mind. A whirlwind of writing ideas and dreams.

Unanswered messages like ghosts in the throat.

from “Last Summer After a Panic Attack”

  • I have never thought of ghosts living in the throat, and I admire this line so much for its creativity. I would have expected ghosts in the attic or ghosts in the cemetery, so the end of this line caught me off guard. It reminds me of the things I don’t say when I need to say them. Have you ever felt discomfort on your throat because you didn’t say what you wanted to say, and you kept it to yourself?

Some days there is a violent sister inside of me, and a red ladder that wants to go elsewhere.

from “The Vulture & the Body”

  • This line reminds me of rage and sins. This violent sister is the aspect of myself that comes alive when I forget to not lose my chill. This violent sister forgets to think before she speaks or acts after a long day or a long week.

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2 thoughts on “There are Ghosts and Madness in These Lines

  1. Enjoyed this very much. I definitely think writers carry a madness inside. It occurs to me that maybe writing itself helps me manage the chaos I experience sometimes while writing or trying to write.

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