3 Tips for Writing as Way of Life



meetings-1149198_1920I decided to become consistent on this blog as a way of taking my writing seriously. Even though writing has never been my life’s main priority, my life always leads back to writing. I can stop writing for days or weeks, but sooner or later my preference of creative outlet is writing.

The following are 3 ways in which writing is part of my life on a daily basis. 

    1. Designate a time for writing and reading: I use my evenings and nights for this. I have a day job, so this is a perfect way to end my day. I also made a rule that I can’t use technology after 9 p.m. Since I do most of my writing on the computer before 9, I read after I write. 
    2. Invest time and money in products that will help you grow as a writer and reader: Recently, I decided to invest in products that will help me become a better blogger and writer. (I’m not saying you absolutely have to spend all of your money on handbooks or writing conferences or trainings.) I love buying the 1 dollar ebook specials and getting my books from the library. I also spend time reading how-to-become-a-better-writer guides on WordPress and on the internet. I spend time reading writers who have signature writing styles in all formats such as blog posts, online magazine articles, and books.
    3. Follow other writers on social media: The only reason I created a Twitter account was because I wanted to follow all of my favorite poets and writers. I thought that by following them I could stay updated on any upcoming readings or updates on their books. I soon found out that a benefit of following them is also getting to see their writing lifestyles! Sometimes writers post photos of their desks, and sometimes they share their writing and reading struggles and routines. Writers are also very good at sharing submission opportunities for publication, grants, and prizes. Recently, the hashtag #shareyourrejections has been very popular, and it reminds me of the perseverance and shared journey of writers.

I believe that writing as a way of life looks different to every writer because we have our unique writing preferences, goals, and genres. So it’s important to ask yourself: what does my ideal writing life look like? Your perfect writing life might include a coffee shop and strong coffee. You might find that in your writing lifestyle, you absolutely need to write with your group of writer friends at least once a week. These are just 3 simple ways I use to help me look at writing as a way of life versus something I do every now and then. 

What do you do to help you prioritize writing on a daily basis? If you liked this post, follow The Hummingbird’s Journal for more post about writing!



Hi, my name is Andrea, and I am an English Language Arts teacher who loves reflecting over the truth, beauty, and wisdom I find through reading, journaling, and teaching. The Hummingbird’s Journal is where I collect these reflections. Join me on Twitter where I retweet (more than I tweet) all things funny, enlightening, artsy, and poetical.

8 thoughts on “3 Tips for Writing as Way of Life

  1. I absolutely adored this post. It is such a synchronicity. I’m now committing more to writing too and I decided to finally look for jobs in which I can be paid for it. While the jobs won’t have my personal signature, I feel so much happier with the idea of simply writing as a way of life. Your tips came in perfect timing. And to share a bit of my “writing lifestyle”, I love to sit on a balcony with a view with my laptop and a nice espresso on the side 😍

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    • Thank you so much! So am I! I work as a teacher, and even though I love how I’m growing as a teacher (I’m still a newbie), I want to know that I have something to fall back to in case I burn out and need a break from teaching. I love having a nice view and coffee, too! I found The Freelancer’s Year website yesterday, and though I haven’t looked into it with detail, it looks like a great resources for freelance writing (thefreelancersyear.com).

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