What is Your Word for 2019?

Do you choose a word to set the tone for the new year? I don’t remember where I found this tradition of picking a word as the theme for a new year. But I love the simplicity of it compared the complexity of creating a list of goals. 

As I prepare to wrap up my first year of teaching (I can’t stress enough my admiration for teachers), and as I prepare to move out of state next summer, there’s so much to reflect on and plan for.

I have many fears. Of the move, I wonder if I’ll find a job in the right school. I wonder if I’ll find an adequate living space. Job wise, my main concerns remain not having enough time and resources (teaching can be really time-consuming). And personally and even professionally, I’m still experiencing envy and lack of self confidence. I’m especially becoming more aware of the impact these have in my career and personal life.

When I think about all of this on a deeper level, I always conclude that my thoughts and actions have roots in a perception of lack. When I go back to my childhood memories, never having enough seemed normal. In some parts of my life, I continue to think there’s not enough to go around.

So for 2019, I choose the word abundance. I want an abundance of love, opportunities, time, resources, and support.

When I think of abundance, a quote by Jake Ducey, a motivational speaker, comes to mind. He says, “Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack,” and I wholeheartedly believe in this statement. 

For 2019, I choose the word abundance.

To me, Jake’s saying means that not everything in my current reality is definite. There’s always room for all of the things that make life rich. 

Do you have any traditions to start the new year? 

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