How I’m Letting Go

I am burning my journals. I’m lying. I’m actually going to shred them because I don’t have a backyard to burn them in.

I thought I’d never do it. Shred the 12 years worth of notebooks and journals I’ve been lugging. They’re full of poems, pages with tear marks, to-do lists, magazine cut outs, goals, etc.

I had been very indecisive about whether or not I should burn the journals. So I asked the universe what I should do. 

Since I hope to one day publish a book or more, with my writer ego comes the idea that I will publish diaries or write a memoir, even if they are published after I die.

However, since I’m moving next summer, I keep asking myself if I really want to take a heavy box of journals with me. When I think of the move, I don’t like the idea of carrying heavy things. I want to feel light. 

I found Danielle LaPorte’s post  “Burn Your Journals. Maybe.” about letting go and burning her journals. Even though I love reading journals & memoirs, this set of journals as a whole doesn’t bring me joy.

In the post, I found the following sentences: “History is malleable because memory is subjective.” Maybe I’ll write about the same things again, but maybe with new details or from another perspective.

I will keep writing whether or not those journals exist. And if I accumulate more journals, I just might burn them again

What’s your process for letting go?