2 Benefits of Gratitude Writing

My gratitude practice started simple. I listed one by one all of the things I was grateful for. Then it became more descriptive, more intentional. Now, when I write about what I’m grateful for, I explore in detail why I’m grateful. I challenge myself to describe how what I’m grateful for makes an impact in my life. As I write, I remember to choose different things to be grateful for other than the first ones that usually come to mind like music and food. Gratitude writing has always taught me two things: I always have more than I think I have, and life is all about perspective. 

Two benefits of gratitude writing are finding abundance where we see lack and finding the lessons in our “negative” experiences.

The key to finding abundance in life lies in feeling gratitude for things beyond the physical and for things we can’t buy. In the month of December, I wrote about my gratitude for authors, their writing styles, solitude, change, experiences (negative and positive), winter break, my body, music, mistakes, the color green, and nice weather. 

I’m grateful for change.

As hard is it is for my ego, I’ve also learned that the key to finding abundance in life also lies in feeling gratitude for the negative experiences, challenges and mistakes. The negative experiences taught me how I will approach the same or similar situations differently in the future. Some experiences taught me about the importance of speaking up (a theme for me in 2018). And some negative experiences, instead of teaching how to do something better, lead me to other opportunities.

Abundance isn’t necessarily material or positive. Depending on our perspective, gems surround us. Sometimes, it takes a bit of work to find them because we may be super focused on other things going on in our lives. Take a second to look around you and within you. What are you grateful for today?

Special note: As we begin this new year, I want to thank all of the readers of this blog. Thank you so much for your for your support! I wish you a happy new year!

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