The 2 Reasons (Excuses) I don’t Write on My Blog

I started my blog on the week Oklahoma teachers went on strike because I had more free time. Back then, I wrote more about teaching reflections and teaching advice.

I thought I was going to share more experiences about teaching, but then I realized that those were not my most viewed blog posts. Also, my intention wasn’t to write a blog about teaching either since that’s what I do full time. So I started focusing on writing about writing, poetry, books, and sometimes life.

Even though I found the general topics of focus to write about in this blog, sometimes I stop posting. Below are the 2 major reasons (or you could call them excuses 🙂 ) for why I stop posting on this blog.

#1 Perfection or Quality

I spend more time editing and revising a post than anything else required of blogging. I reread a post multiple times to make sure the essence of my message is on page. I try to put myself in my readers’ shoes, and I wonder where they’ll have questions and if there are areas I need to clarify.

I want my blog to be of quality. Because of this, I overthink my wording, content, my headlines, etc. Usually this means that it takes me longer to create the final draft of a blog post. 

#2 I lack the discipline

Sometimes I’m really inspired to start writing for my blog again. For some reason or another, I stop scheduling in time for blogging. Depending on the day or week I have at work, blogging becomes the last things to do on my list.

Since I’m taking a break from university again, I’m definitely going to have more time for blogging this year. However, I still have the two excuses above to overcome.

What I’m finding is that I want to post blog posts that felt easy to write for me. This is not to say that writing should be easy, but sometimes I start writing a blog posts that just doesn’t flow, so I put it aside. 

Believe it or not I have 20 blogposts in my drafts section on WordPress ready for me to polish and publish, but they won’t be ready until I feel that inspiration to finish them and polish them up. 

My Blogging Goals for 2019

  1. I want to show up to the page and write 3-4 posts per week. This will help me be disciplined with a schedule and a deadline. This will also help me not to overthink how much polishing a post needs before I post it.
  2. I also want to have more confidence in my ideas and content to not overthink publishing them. I want to write blog posts that feel true to me. Lastly, and this is writing advice I hear a lot: I want to write something I’d be happy to read. 

What are your reasons for not writing on your blog?