The 2 Reasons (Excuses) I don’t Write on My Blog

I started my blog on the week Oklahoma teachers went on strike because I had more free time. Back then, I wrote more about teaching reflections and teaching advice.

I thought I was going to share more experiences about teaching, but then I realized that those were not my most viewed blog posts. Also, my intention wasn’t to write a blog about teaching either since that’s what I do full time. So I started focusing on writing about writing, poetry, books, and sometimes life.

Even though I found the general topics of focus to write about in this blog, sometimes I stop posting. Below are the 2 major reasons (or you could call them excuses 🙂 ) for why I stop posting on this blog.

#1 Perfection or Quality

I spend more time editing and revising a post than anything else required of blogging. I reread a post multiple times to make sure the essence of my message is on page. I try to put myself in my readers’ shoes, and I wonder where they’ll have questions and if there are areas I need to clarify.

I want my blog to be of quality. Because of this, I overthink my wording, content, my headlines, etc. Usually this means that it takes me longer to create the final draft of a blog post. 

#2 I lack the discipline

Sometimes I’m really inspired to start writing for my blog again. For some reason or another, I stop scheduling in time for blogging. Depending on the day or week I have at work, blogging becomes the last things to do on my list.

Since I’m taking a break from university again, I’m definitely going to have more time for blogging this year. However, I still have the two excuses above to overcome.

What I’m finding is that I want to post blog posts that felt easy to write for me. This is not to say that writing should be easy, but sometimes I start writing a blog posts that just doesn’t flow, so I put it aside. 

Believe it or not I have 20 blogposts in my drafts section on WordPress ready for me to polish and publish, but they won’t be ready until I feel that inspiration to finish them and polish them up. 

My Blogging Goals for 2019

  1. I want to show up to the page and write 3-4 posts per week. This will help me be disciplined with a schedule and a deadline. This will also help me not to overthink how much polishing a post needs before I post it.
  2. I also want to have more confidence in my ideas and content to not overthink publishing them. I want to write blog posts that feel true to me. Lastly, and this is writing advice I hear a lot: I want to write something I’d be happy to read. 

What are your reasons for not writing on your blog?

17 thoughts on “The 2 Reasons (Excuses) I don’t Write on My Blog

  1. My reasons for not writing on my blog? Simple. If the “next” post is going to be one of my informal book reviews, I tend to vacillate about starting: I know it’ll be more difficult and time-consuming than my classical-music writing, where I’m sort-of-spouting-off-the-top-of-my-head. (That, in fact, is the reason for my immediate delay, which I will fix tomorrow morning — I want to get that book review out of the way so I can get on with my life, and with my blog.)

    The trick is to stake out a middling niche for ourselves, somewhere between day-to-day journalism (put things together as best you can before a short-term deadline) and a permanent book (polish all your writing as meticulously as possible before submitting). I want the reader to think my writing is spontaneous — that it “sounds like me” — without _actually_ sounding like me, which would be far too disorganized and discursive!

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  2. I often have a hard time getting posts completed once I start because I want it to be perfect, for it to be the kind of content I’m eager to read. It can be so paralyzing! No matter how good I feel about something I write I’m always going back to make edits!

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  3. I started blogging unexpectedly, my first ever post went viral and I think I continued off of that high. I took a break and then recently returned to blogging but with a different perspective and a clearer view of what I wanted to blog about. I think sometimes I don’t post because the numbers get the best of me! I think ‘whats the point’ if no one reads it anyway. Which is a negative perspective that I’m trying to overcome!

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    • Having a clear view of what to blog about is helpful. I tend to lose that focus when I stop blogging consistently. I agree that taking a break brings a new perspective on what I’m passionate to blog about. The numbers get the best of me too! When a post gets very little interaction, I feel discouraged since I try to put my best effort in every single post. Thank you for commenting!

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  4. I agree with all your points, but my biggest reason these days is that people don’t really like content. Or I get less likes at least.
    It’s bit confusing and discouraging. It’s not about likes, I know. But also comments have decreased.
    But writing more often us a very good thing. Back in the days when I did that, people interacted with me a lot! 💪

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    • I agree with you, even though it’s not about likes, the likes and the comments lets us know that people are reading our words. On the days that I don’t comment on someone’s blog posts, I like to leave a like, so that it shows my support 😊 The comments make my day because people take time out of their day to type a response to share their thoughts. I also totally agree that it can be discouraging when the comments decrease and how confusing it is when some posts get more comments than others. This sometimes make me feel as though I need to publish more of the things that get more likes versus writing anything I feel like writing..

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      • Yes, there are a few important factors with this.
        The time you post and the amount of correct hashtags can help a lot.
        I have noticed that morning posts never do very well. But I am in Europe, so for you that’s a different time zone.

        I am happy that you will post more often, because I like to read and comment on your posts!

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      • I agree with the time zone issue. I’m thinking about starting to repost blog posts, so that they have better chances of being seen. I’ve also noticed that weekend posts seem to do better for me.

        Thank you! I also enjoy reading your post & commenting on them! 🙂


      • Write for yourself most importantly your correlation of understanding will resonate with others.

        I transpire to make a difference , Through my writing and views how I see the world that surrounds me through my eyes. Reality is never, ever black and white but deeper shades of Grey this is the world we live in . We are always learning” Denzel Washington shared something with me in conversation ,

        ” If you are going to fall ,and take risk fall forward ”

        True meaning of a leadership is not to build yourself into perfection but into precision by seeing your own scars and flaws well giving helping hand to others to find their own greatness
        (A P E X)

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  5. Discipline is a big one.
    I think you saw my 7 hurdles post. Didn’t you?

    Our blogs evolve, and that is alright. Just do what makes you happy. I sometimes start writing something and then put it away because it doesn’t “flow”. And then I end up deleting it, because it just doesn’t make sense anymore. Having more time can definitely be helpful. I know I was online on WP a lot more often when I had less responsibilities and more time.

    As for the quality of your writing, I think your blog looks professional and your writing is to the point. Make sure to be proud of what you put out, but don’t over do it. Most people don’t nitpick.

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    • I haven’t read that one. Heading over to your blog to read it. I think it’s hard for me accept that my blog won’t always be the same. But like you, I think it’s important to do what bring us happiness. You make a good point about deleting the something that “doesn’t make sense anymore”. It makes me think about how maybe I’m hanging on to drafts that I should delete instead. Thank you for your comment and comments about the blog! 😀

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  6. If I ever manage to hire editors, you will be the first I will contact, because you are excellent at it as your posts show so well. I think I’m on the other side of spectrum (which isn’t 100% good either), but I can totally relate to the issues you highlight here. What if you do a short meditation exercise before writing, just to tune into your heart? Then just write whatever comes through. It doesn’t mean it will always flow, sometimes it doesn’t, but being connected with my heart and emotions helps me write and find what I want to write about. I personally don’t write when I’m reaaaaally down or lost the purpose.

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