How to Keep it Summery in Winter

Although I can’t say that I absolutely love summer, I am very sure that I dislike winter. Where I live, here in the U.S., we’ve only had five snowy days, and five snowy days is enough for me :). If I think about it, I find there’s a few things I love about winter: infinity scarfs, slippers, and warm beverages.

My taste in pretty much everything has a spring-like and summery feel all year. I find that keeping it summery is helping me get through this winter. The following are 3 strategies I use to keep it summery or spring-like in winter.

1. Keep it Floral

Flowers & Pots

I bought fake flowers, a pot, and styrofoam to create arrangements of flowers. I wanted them for my classroom because I felt like it was missing something. Since I spend most of the day there, I wanted it too look cheerful even if I can see a cloudy sky from the windows. When I walk in to my classroom now, it looks more cheerful that it did before.

Flowery Stationary

I’m journaling again on paper, and this time a green journal with flowers was calling out to me. I sometimes decorate the pages of my journals, so I also have some sunflower stickers.

2. Keep it Pink & Colorful

I am the type of person who will buy and wear all of the colorful things. I’ve had the same pink scarf forever, and this winter when I decided to get a new one, I knew I wanted to keep it pink. My nails are painted pink, and I’m surrounded with the most colorful stationary.

3. Keep it “Summery”


During Christmas season I received Christmas themes candles, and I felt so grateful because I usually turn one on during the day. Switching from the seasonal candles to the one I usually use made all the difference in making my home feel like Spring or Summer. The one I’m using is called “Pink Sands” by Yankee Candle.

Dresses & Skirts

I’ve been paring dresses and skirts with tights and boots. This makes me feel like I’m rebelling against nature.

Uplifting Music

I’ve also been listening to uplifting music. This probably sounds different for everyone since we have different music tastes. If you need any uplifting music recommendations, I recommend the following songs:

  • “I Lived” by One Republic
  • “Glorious” by Rudimental feat. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen
  • “Going to be Wonderful” by Tom Rosenthal
  • “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

How do you keep it summery in winter? What’s your favorite season? Do you have uplifting music recommendations?

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