Does Self-Improvement Ever End?

What habit, fear, or insecurity did you have in the past that you no longer have? Was there something you thought that you weren’t capable of achieving but you did?

For me, these past few weeks, I’ve reflecting over my self-growth in my career. During my first year of teaching, I wasn’t stressed one bit about the scores I would get on evaluations. In my self evaluations, I knew I was giving my job my best. I overworked in my mornings, evenings, and weekends whether that was creating seating charts, contacting a parent or guardian, and arriving at school 30 minutes before the required time.

Recently, I received the final scores of my 2018-2019 evaluation. It seems to early, since we still have four months left of school, but my supervisor is on a deadline. I was very proud of the results. I scored 4’s on most of the rubric. (This is a first, since I got more 3’s last semester.) Based on her feedback, there are still areas I need to improve on. Now that I’m not as worried about classroom management as I was last year, now that it’s easier for me to create lesson plans, and now that I have more confidence in myself as a teacher, I want to go to the next level.

This thought surprised me the other day. At one point, while I was an undergrad student, I realized that grades didn’t define me. It took me that long to realize this. I knew that when I got a B or a C that I could have gotten an A, had I given better efforts and had I spend more time studying. But during this part of my life, sometimes I chose not to sacrifice my time for the A’s. But I figure that since I’m going to be teaching for next few years, I might as well give it my best.

For me that evaluation feedback was precious in that it’s the only feedback I get throughout the year. So if my supervisor who has more than twenty years of experience and a doctorate sees there’s room for improvement, I think it’s time I learned to improve on those areas now than waiting for later.

What do you think about self improvement?

5 thoughts on “Does Self-Improvement Ever End?

  1. You and I have already exchanged some thoughts on that. Well done on your improvement. There is always room to grow. I felt like grades were more important back in school than evaluations are now. They cannot make you fail the year. You’d have to slack terribly to be fired. That gives you room to breath. But most definitely, I would take it as encouragement. I bet next year you will be even better, since you’ll feel even more comfortable, and you’ll have more skills to handle things.

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  2. Seems like you and I have the same type of profression.
    First of all, congrats on the improvement! 🙂

    I think as a teacher you develop a certain style of teaching. Some like that, other’s would prefer something different. So you can never satisfy everyone.
    I am open for critism, but if people want to change my teaching style, I wouldn’t be happy.

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    • Thank you so much!!

      You bring a great point. I’m very grateful to have a supervisor who seems to want everyone to succeed. She brings out the best in everyone in their evaluations from what I’ve heard. I wouldn’t be happy either if someone tried to change my teaching style.


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