New Dreams

It’s easy for me to get trapped in thoughts about meaninglessness. When driving in traffic, when grocery shopping, when brushing my teeth. Every day starts to feel the same.

When we stop dreaming we lose sight of what makes life beautiful, meaningful, and exciting.

I forgot about my ability to dream big dreams. I think this is partly because in the last couple of years, I achieved a few of my long-term goals like getting my bachelor’s degree, becoming a teacher, and surviving my first year of teaching. What happens after you achieve several long-term goals?

I also think this happens because it’s easy for me to get stuck in routine, to feel trapped in the sameness of everyday living. This happens when I allow myself to stop dreaming and when I lose sight of what makes life meaningful. So I’ve decided that it’s time to create new long-term goals in both personal growth and the material world.

I won’t list here all that I see for myself in the next five years, but I will tell you that I wrote down a list of goals that focus mostly on personal growth. On one hand, I’m setting the goals of feeling inner peace and a sense of worth without the need to look at the outer world for them.

On the other hand, I’m creating goals like creating a dream home space. One of the things I envision is that one day I’ll have space for dogs and for a garden of flowers. I can’t have pets or gardens in my current living space. But in the life I envision for myself I see happy dogs and a garden full of a variety of flowers.

There are so many people who in the past few months have inspired me to step up to my game. Some of them are still creating the lives they envision for themselves and others already have. All of them remind me that we are powerful in creating the lives we dream for ourselves.  

Once again, I find myself at the beginning of a cycle. I’ve had these visions all along. All I need is to make these visions clearer. I need to set deadlines, prioritize what’s important, and simplify.

It’s time to plan, to envision, and to believe that what’s intangible today will materialize itself in the future–with hard work, of course, with patience, and with discipline.