The Four Different Ways that I Journal

I once judged the actress Emma Watson for having what seemed to me like a bazillion journals to document her life. I wondered: why do you need so many journals to document the same life?

Today I find myself admitting that I have several journals that serve different purposes. I now see the benefit in having multiple journals. Below you will find explanations for why I currently have four journals. 

The Gratitude Journal

My gratitude journal is the easiest to update. All you have to do is find three things you are grateful, list them, and, if you have enough time, explain why you are grateful for them. Having only the things that you’re grateful for in one notebook makes you realize how all the little things add up quickly. I’ve written in 31 pages. Each is filled up with 3 things of gratitude. Those are 93 things that I’ve been grateful for (since November, 30, 2018). I’ve definitely written about the same things, but keep in mind that I always try to branch out of the same list of things. 

The Journal of Every-day Experiences

I use this journal to write about what happens during the day, about how I’m feeling, and what I’m looking forward to in the upcoming weeks.

The Journal of Manifestation and Positivity

This is a new type of journaling that I’m trying out. Here’s why: When I threw out my previous collections of journals, I realized that I was being really negative with a lot of my experiences. This is not to say that it’s not okay to feel “negative” feelings. 

I saw the link between my negativity and my way of writing. I could see how my habits led to a lot of unhappiness. So I realized that just as I was creating this world full of cloudy skies through writing, I can also create a sunnier world. 

This is a journal of affirmations, dreams, and positivity in which I sometimes write in present tense about things that may not necessarily be true or real yet. My goal is to reprogram my mind, so that I have healthier ways of thinking about myself and reality. 

The Journal of all the Stuff (Shit) I Don’t Share with Anyone

This one was inspired by one of my dear uncles and by a blog post I read a few months ago. My uncle advised that I should write everything down that I haven’t and don’t share with anyone. This includes things about my past, my childhood, resentment I feel towards family, etc.

Another source of inspiration for this journal was a blogger who shared her experience with writing down everything she felt without hiding anything, without leaving details out. Even though I’m used to personal journaling, I’d never allowed myself to share all of myself because there are things that I wish to keep private, even to keep private from my personal journaling. 

I feel free to shred the pages I write in this journal usually soon after I write them. This is the journal dedicated for personal growth, self acceptance, and honesty.

After I started being more honest and truthful in my writing through this type of journaling, I noticed that I was being more transparent in my other journals, so who knows maybe I’ll get to the point where I don’t need this journal anymore. 

I still wonder how many journals are enough for the purpose of journaling. Having multiple journals at the same time is something new for me because I’m trying to heal and motivate myself through writing. One journal keeps me grateful, the other keeps me real, the other keeps me positive, and the last one keeps me honest. Sometimes each journal serves all of these purposes.

6 thoughts on “The Four Different Ways that I Journal

  1. When I read you shredded your previous journals I shuddered. I thought, “What if you want to go back to those someday!” Even if you don’t like the attitude you presented, there’s something to be learned from them. Even if our “story” isn’t so sweet, we can point out what we learned from our past experiences. Your life is a journey!

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