Tired of Being Tired

An Exhausted Teacher’s Journaling Session

Lately, I’ve been really tired to the point of exhaustion which might be from burn out from teaching. This tiredness is trying to tell me something about the way that I’m living my life, so I decided to journal about it.

Sentences that started with “I’m tired of” this and that started flowing. I’m tired of being tired. Today’s journaling session helped me see all of these feelings that I’m tired of suppressing. (Maybe I’ll expand on this in another blog post one day.)

The Art of Relaxing

This physical exhaustion is teaching me how to enjoy me time. I also have a new sense of appreciation for silence and solitude.

I don’t think I’ve ever done this much self-care as I’ve done as a teacher. My staples of self care include epsom salt foot soaks, clay masks, and naps.

I remember when I worked as a teacher assistant, one of the teachers I worked with was having a conversation with a student. The student probably asked her what she liked to do in the weekend, and she said, nada, nothing. 

I finally understand what doing nothing meant to her. I think it’s easy to dismiss “doing nothing” as unproductive. But doing nothing is synonymous to reenergizing.

5 thoughts on “Tired of Being Tired

  1. There was this song that went along the lines of: “Aren’t you sick and tired of always being sick and tired?”
    I had it printed out on my desk for the longest time. Back then, it wasn’t because of how I felt, but because of a co-worker that would whine so much about being [insert a list of negative things]. It felt that that gave them joy. Like that empowered them to live.

    I’m glad you realized the state you’re in. That means you can change it.

    I found that most people look at me with pity when I say that I stayed home and did nothing. It’s like I’m missing out on so much. I look at them with pity right back, because I know what’s good for me and I don’t need their approval.I haven’t done “nothing” in a while, though…

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