The “Hot Iron” Lesson

Have you ever burned yourself by accident with a hot iron, a cooking pan, or scalding water? It’s not fun, and you would never purposely do this.

Last week, I let this happen to me in the emotional sense. I found myself being affected by things that are beyond my control.

One of the experiences that affected was a misbehavior problem that happened as I was trying to start my last class of the day. Even though I know that managing misbehavior is part of the job, sometimes, I become frustrated with (and tired of) having to deal with misbehavior and disrespect, especially during the last hours of the school day.

Because of that, it has always been very important to me to take care of myself, so that I don’t become an angry and mean teacher. This teaching job requires one to forgive, to not take things personally, and to start with a blank page every day.

Sometimes though, the things that happen at school affect me more than they should. I find that guided meditation usually helps me clear my head and feel my emotions. This also helps me look at situations differently. 

For me, remaining calm during the day is super important because I have 6 classes. I try to not let the “negative” things that happen throughout the day affect how I teach.

During a meditation session, I felt that holding on to the misbehavior experience was like holding a hot iron. I knew I needed to let go of it to stop “burning” myself. In order to remain calm and peace within myself, I’m learning that I can’t hold on to the experiences that I can’t control like my students’ attitude and behavior.