If We Were Having Coffee

Monday, March 4, 2019

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that today I didn’t go to work because school was cancelled. I went to Starbucks to buy myself a cup of coffee and a sausage, egg, and cheddar sandwich. I rarely go to Starbucks. 

Before I went out, I brushed off snow from the car. Even though I don’t like cold weather, for a moment I was grateful for the cold, for the snow, and even for winter. Breathing in the cold air brought me to my senses. I felt my aliveness. It helps that it’s a sunny day. Had it not been a sunny day, I’m almost sure I wouldn’t have been so grateful for the cold.

Thoughts on Blogging

Lately, I’ve been feeling this need to check myself for plagiarism when I post a blog post. I think that I relate so much to other bloggers, especially the ones that are more personal. Has this happened to you?

Sometimes I find myself wondering if I’m using their wording when I share similar thoughts and experiences. This makes me rewrite my sentences or makes me think about rewriting them.

I finally updated my “About” page and took some time to write my goals for this blog. At the core, I want blogging to help me strengthen my writing in areas such as in discipline, voice, clarity, confidence, etc. Becoming a more active blogger has already helped me greatly with this.

The purpose of this blog will probably change as time goes by, but I’ve noticed an essence of it remains the same: the joy and love of writing. This reminds me of the blog post “Write What You Want… As Long You Tell the Truth” by Brian Rowe. He writes about how writing should always be truthful.

Image by dimitrisvetsikas1969 on Pixabay

In my personal writing, I’ve noticed that writing always brings me to some truth whether or not I choose to be completely honest or vulnerable in my writing. When I’m writing I can feel when I’m not being honest with myself. Even then, that dishonesty or inability to be vulnerable becomes my truth.

Thoughts on Music

I can’t believe I kept my word and didn’t not listen to music for two days. How much time can you go without listening to music? I did this because I tend to do things to distract myself from feeling my emotions. This includes listening to music. I think music adds beauty, meaning, and company to my life. I’d become dependent on it.

Not listening to music made me reflect on the beauty and meaning that’s already inside me. It also made me wonder whether listening to music makes me feel less alone. 

Since I couldn’t listen to the songs I wanted to listen to, I searched the songs’ lyrics, and I tried to sing them or hum them. This made me think about how music starts inside the artist. I found rhymes in the lyrics. I paid more attention to the words. The songs without their music became poems.

Not listening to music also gave me a new perspective on the silence. Silence can be just as meaningful and beautiful as music. I caught myself paying more attention to my thoughts. Time seemed to go slower. Life went on without music, but I could still hear and feel the music inside me.