Bullet Journal Inspiration

Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

I recently watched a YouTube video about setting up a bullet journal on Weylie’s channel. (You can find the video here.)

Personally, I’d never understood why people choose to spend so much time on creating the perfect bullet journal when they can just buy a pre-formatted journal or planner. It seemed time consuming and just another thing to do until I watched Weylie’s video. I realized how calming and artsy the process is. This video finally convinced me to try it out for myself.

4 things that I like about bullet journaling so far:

  1. You can choose your theme/style: I chose a flowery, gold, and black design.
  2. You use your creative & artistic talents: You have a blank page to create the bullet journal any way that you like. The journal can reflect your personality, dreams, and passions.
  3. It helps you keep track of important dates & memories: I’ve seen people incorporate photos of their lives into their journals which I might try. I’m also the type of person that forgets what day she’s living in, so keeping this journal will help me keep track of events in my life.
  4. It gives your life structure (if you need discipline like me): As I continue bullet journaling, I plan to learn about the specifics of the process. I learned that you can include a “Key” page to explain the symbols you use throughout it. It’s like a map legend. There’s also a “Habit Tracker” that lets you keep track of your goals.

I for sure can already tell you that I’m not going to apply every single thing about bullet journaling (yet) which makes me wonder if what I’m creating is actually a bullet journal or a normal planner…

If you need the inspiration, I’ve included some photos of the pages I’ve created so far. (I also included a picture above of what a “Key” page looks like above.) I hope that I’m able to update it consistently, and if I do, I’ll give you updates throughout the year.

weekly spread

Do you keep a bullet journal? What do you think about bullet journaling?

4 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Inspiration

  1. I’ve seen quite a few bloggers post their bullet journal creations, and like you – I wondered why they don’t just buy one. But then again, I understand that those can get pretty expensive due to the hype, so sometimes it’s better to just buy a blank one and customize it for free.

    I could not believe it when I started hearing about the “discovery” of bullet journaling. Humans have been doing that for ages. I have been doing that for ages. Only in a less official manner. So yes, I do make lists and stuff, but no, I do not have a dedicated journal. And I sure as heck don’t want to waste my precious time on creating a journal instead of spending the time on actually doing the tasks from the list.

    But then again 0 whatever works for you… Right?

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