10 Writing Styles in Images

When you think of your writing style, ask yourself: how do I write? Do you write long or short sentences? Do you tend to have a logical or dreamy tone?

Writing style sets you apart from other writers. It also inspires readers to read more of your work. The following are some examples of writing styles in images.

10 Writing Styles in Images

Simple vs. Fancy

Poetic vs. Unpoetic

Positive vs. Negative

Reflective vs. Indifferent

Raw vs. Reserved

A Personal Story on Writing Style

This post was inspired by a comment that made my day the other day. Sarah Anne shared her observations of my writing style.

In a previous blog post, I’d shared how I didn’t think I have a blog niche. She kindly let me know how all of my posts were tied together by a similar feeling that she got from reading multiple posts.

I’ve included the screenshot below of what she wrote. (By the way, Sarah Anne is a new blogger, so please show her your support at her beautiful blog Sarah Anne Gibson Author and Twitter account @gibson_author.)

Sarah Anne’s comment that made my day

This comment stood out to me because, in what feels like a long time ago when I was 20 years old, I wrote: “One of [my] dreams is to become one of the poets you wake up needing to read while drinking a cup of something, tea or coffee, with sunbeams.”

As the years passed, I have often looked back at these words with a bit of embarrassment. They sound self absorbed, though, I admit that I can still be self absorbed at times…

What I wrote when I was 20.

What gives writing a “place-to-curl-up-with-a-cup-of-coffee-after-a-busy-day kind of feel”? This type of writing has simple, poetic, positive, reflective, and honest qualities.

How would you describe your writing style? What are your thoughts on writing styles?