7 Steps to Writing an Effective Blog Tagline

Are you looking for ways to create an effective blog tagline? This post will show you how I created a tagline after blogging for one year. Not having a clear tagline at the beginning of my blogging journey helped me create one after I start blogging, and you can too.

I definitely don’t believe that it should take people one year to write an effective tagline. It took me one year to write one because it took me one year to take blog writing seriously. You can say that I worked backwards–I wrote for the blog first, then polished the tagline–and it worked.

#1 How blogging without a niche for a while can help you

If you don’t have a set purpose for blogging or a niche, blogging for some time has benefits because you accumulate data to analyze such as your stats that can help you come up with your blog’s purpose. Your blog’s purpose tells your readers what topics they’ll regularly find on your blog.

#2 Make a list of the tags and categories that you use the most and that have been the most popular

Look at the tags and categories that you’ve used the most and that have been the most popular. These will let you narrow down the topics that you are passionate about writing, the themes that are present in your life, and the topics that you find easiest to write about.

The following are examples of the most popular tags and categories that I’ve used in my blog: inspiration, motivation, writers, readers, reading, writing, tips, creative, poetry, journaling, thoughts, life, language, and blogging.

The tags and categories that have been the most popular helps you be of service to your readers through your writing.

Example of top tags & categories

#3 Look at the posts that have been the most popular all year

Looking through the titles of the posts that were the most popular in my first year of blogging helped me find the topics that were of interest and who my ideal readers are.

Here is the list of top posts on this blog. I found that readers were interested in the topics of writing, blogging, and personal development/motivation.

Example of list of top posts

#4 How have you been serving your readers with the most popular tags, categories, and posts?

A lot of the most popular posts on this blog started with a question like how, one of the five W’s: when, why, how, where, and what. So, I learned that readers were looking for answers and explanations.

Popular blogging advice recommends you to provide solutions to problems. However, in my case, it took me some time to figure out what questions I could answer or provide my input, and I found that a lot of them have to do with writing and living in general.

The “Why I didn’t give up” post in the list above can be turned into “Why you shouldn’t give up”. The “How I’m letting go” article can be turned to “How to let go”. In this way you turn the focus on your readers even if you’re writing from your life experiences.

#5 What type of reader are you serving?

I learned that I was serving creative writers, readers, and life-long learners. Since I’m still serving multiple audiences, I’m hoping to see if I can or should narrow down to one audience as I continue blogging. I write about writing and life, and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to merge the two. I’m aware that writers might not want to read posts about life. Also, readers of the blog who are interested in the the posts that are non-writing related may not want to read about writing.

Here are some examples of an ideal reader: Bloggers serve readers by offering all types of information and entertainment. Some readers want information on beauty products and tips. Others may want to know how they can live environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

#6 Keep it simple & purposeful

It took some tries to keep the tagline simple and purposeful. I asked myself: how is this blog going to help readers? What I came up with was inspiration, motivation, and thoughts on writing and life. (I’m still a little iffy on the “thoughts” part, but the inspiration and motivation works for me.)

When I was using a tagline that described me but did not describe how the blog helps readers, I knew it was the wrong tag line. The blog has become a space that belongs to all readers of the blog. I wanted to find a tagline that keeps me inspired to write but also has a clear purpose for readers.

#7 Finally, go change that tagline!

After you analyze your blog and narrow down the purpose for your blog, have fun combining words and phrases to create your new tagline.

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How did you create your tagline? What are your thoughts on taglines?

9 thoughts on “7 Steps to Writing an Effective Blog Tagline

  1. It seems like you have it all figured out. You came back with a vengeance. Well done.

    Mine is: “One day at a time… to stop a whirlwind”. It is meant to remind us to not get overwhelmed. That we need to be in the now and take things day by day. That will be how we overcome our struggles.

    How does that relate to my blog’s content? Some of my HW posts deal with the above. Other than that, I want my blog to be a distraction from other challenges and a safe haven when people can come over and chat.

    Liked by 2 people

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