Balance, Passion, & Strength

I recently followed Teja’s blog StarFire Teja. In one of her posts, “StarFire Teja’s StarFire Friday Blessing: May You Align With Your Deepest Wishes“, Teja shares how she picks 3 words to help focus energy and actualize wishes for the month which is something that I’d never done before. (I’d heard of picking one word for the new year but not for the month.)

I decided to tag along with setting intentions for the month by also choosing 3 words. I chose balance, passion, and strength.

Before the start of May, I already knew what was waiting for me: the last few weeks of school, burnout, and change. So I chose words that would help me with this.


consistency in April must stay the same in May

I’m finding balance by prioritizing writing for the blog versus reading blogs until school is out. If you haven’t noticed, sometimes I stop posting when I start feeling overwhelmed by life.

Instead, I’m choosing to stick to the blog schedule and continue blogging despite the burnout and stress because my consistency was on point in April. There’s no way I’m going back to inconsistency! 🙂

Tip for feeling balanced: I ask myself what do I need to do/not do to feel balanced? I ask myself things like should I workout or should I work on my blog? Should I call it an early night? Have I eaten enough chocolate already?


It’s super important for me to end the school year strong. The end of the school year is a time for me to challenge myself to do a great job even though we’re all tired and ready for summer.

Our school is going to be remodeled this summer, so I’ve been packing up books and creating finals (I’ve yet to finish preparing the study guide for the final) and updating grades.

Tip for feeling strength: I’ve been finding strength by embracing my achiever side. My achiever side is ready to tackle everything on the to-do list, and the to-do list feels endless. Asking myself what needs to get done today and setting realistic, not overwhelming expectations, is helping me find strength and balance.


Lastly, I chose passion because I want my passion for writing, teaching, and life to remain consistent. I think that’s where balance and strength come in. Finding balance and strength is helping me handle everything versus neglecting parts of my life.

Tip for feeling passionate: This time I’m choosing to stay passionate despite the excuses that are always in my way: “too much to do” and “tiredness”. No matter our energy level and our time, we can still be passionate about what we do. Don Miguel Ruiz wrote, always do your best, and I’m doing my best to stay passionate with the time and energy level I have.

Join the conversation:

What’s helping you keep balanced, strong, and passionate this month of May?

10 thoughts on “Balance, Passion, & Strength

  1. What an interesting idea with choosing words and then living by it. I think 3 would be too many for me, so kudos to you for aiming high.

    The bit about balance tips was so on point. I do that, too. Although, I was not aware that it was helping me maintain a balance. Thank you for opening my eyes to the reasoning.

    I’m impressed by your April consistency. I’ve been sticking to a strict schedule since February. Some days it’s easier than others, but I do think it’s worth it. So keep at it!

    To answer your question – I guess I keep my balance the way you recommend. My strength comes from within me. You just need to believe in yourself. Being religious/ spiritual also helps. Passion is really something I’m struggling with. Blogging is one of the few areas where I’m keeping it alive. But there’s so much more work to do. I’m not sure where and how, yet, though.

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    • Thank you! I agree that inner strength, believing in yourself, religion and spirituality also help. I can totally see your passion for blogging/writing. I always wondered how bloggers like you stay consistent, so I’m following in your footsteps 😊 and learning little by little how to improve. I’m right there with you on there being much more work to do. I think like you say taking it one day at a time helps the blogging experience not feel overwhelming.

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  2. Great post! Thank you for the links! 🙂
    Loved “have I eaten enough chocolate already?” ~ Also loved the last part about doing your best… It sounds like you are doing your best and holding strong… also I’ve been giving you energetic nudges each day, when I sit down to do my spiritual practices, I have a little note to send you a boost for your Balance, Strength, & Passion! ❤

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