How to Take Your Gratitude Practice Up a Notch

Sometimes we forget that we are not the only ones working hard to make the day go smooth. Whether it’s in our jobs or in our families or in our communities.

Just like we put a lot of effort and dedication into our jobs and roles, so do our coworkers and our managers at work, our family members at home, and our friends and neighbors in their lives.

We all make a difference

We all have important roles, no matter how small our roles may seem. Here are some examples on how each team member I work with is vital. My school principals work behind the scenes to manage everything on a larger scale. They plan things like state testing and assemblies. The IT department makes sure our chromebooks get fixed if they’re damaged, and they keep us updated on phishing scams. And our counselors are always there to make sure our students are supported.

When it’s time to say goodbye

Some of the faculty at my school are joining other schools, districts, and possibly states next August. With this in mind, no matter how much I preach about the benefits of a gratitude journaling practice, I’ve never written them thank you cards.

Taking the gratitude practice up a notch

I’ve been thinking about how important it is to show appreciation to the people who keep us motivated, supported, and inspired throughout the year. I know for sure that heartfelt thank you’s have made my day when others have showered me with tokens of appreciation. So I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the love and appreciation.

A gratitude journaling practice has helped open my eyes to the abundance present in my life especially on those days when hope seems lost.

It’s time to take the gratitude practice up a notch by writing and giving letters of appreciation to the people who have been there for us.

Join me as I write down personalized notes of gratitude. It our turn to say thank you.

3 thoughts on “How to Take Your Gratitude Practice Up a Notch

  1. A beautiful sentiment.
    Well said. So many people look down on the people who are below them on the organizational ladder. It disgusts me. A job is a job. And that’s a human being just like you behind it.

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