How Flexibility in Life Helps You Get Things Done

There are weeks when things go smoothly. Then there are weeks that feel chaotic.

The latter applied to my life this week. Because of weather-related issues, some days of my week were affected. Those type of days called for flexibility when things do not go as planned.

Within this chaos, I found myself completing the to-do list as much as I could every day. To get things done, I found a need to be flexible in life. I learned that as flexible as we are in some areas in our lives, some areas can use more flexibility.

Finding flexibility in endings and beginnings

This week was full of endings and beginnings. I’d never thought about how sometimes endings and beginnings share time and space so that the endings continue as some things begin. I had wanted there to be a clear divide between the endings and beginnings as seen in the picture to the left.

Instead, I should have tried to give the same detailed attention and effort to both. That was one of this week’s life lessons: As important as it is to end on a good note, it’s important to start on a good note.

Finding flexibility in communication

Whether we communicate in person, through a video call, text, or email, sometimes communication doesn’t flow. When communication doesn’t flow, we’re reminded to find flexibility in communication.

Be patient as you explain to others what is going on. In one example of phone-call communication from this week, the person I was speaking to became defensive. This was a reminder for me to stay calm and not respond the same way they were responding to the situation.

Remember that the people you are talking with have expertise and experience in specific areas, and there are specific guidelines they need to follow. Be patient and calm as you learn from their perspective.

Then find ways to help them understand where you are coming from. It’s usually easier to listen to each other’s perspectives when we remain calm, patient, and understanding.

Lastly, be patient as you wait to hear back from someone. This week seemed to be a busy one and waiting to hear back from people took patience and time.

How do you find flexibility in life?

3 thoughts on “How Flexibility in Life Helps You Get Things Done

  1. I totally agree. I believe I’m rather flexible. It’s when people try to bend me to the point of breaking that I snap.
    Just this weekend I’ve been in a few situations where not everything was going as planned. Fortunately, most of the things in life can be fixed. Yes, little things drive us crazy, but it’s alright to do them according to a different plan than initially expected.

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