5 Ways to Inspire Others

Do you have a role model who has inspired you and made a difference in your life? What makes that person stand out from the crowd?

I personally have many role models. One of them is Marie Forleo, an entrepreneur. I don’t remember how I found out about Marie Forleo’s Youtube channel. However, I do know that Marie has always made me feel positive and grateful about myself and my life since I first watched her videos.

Marie Forleo empowers others. She give her audience “tips on creating the business and life that you love.” Even though I don’t have a business, I often look to her advice about life in general.

Why Marie Forleo is an Inspirational Figure

She has become a role model to me for so many reasons:

  • She didn’t give up to make her dreams come true. She often shares anecdotes on how people didn’t believe in her dreams as she started her life as an entrepreneur.
  • She believes that everyone has something to offer to the world. She genuinely believes in others and their dreams.
  • She adds humor. Sometimes she includes dances and skits in her videos which give her videos a fun quality.
  • She forms meaningful connections and has deep conversations with people. In her interviews, you can tell she does her research when she reads her guests’ books. She asks thoughtful questions about her guests’ work.
  • She’s passionate about her work. She’s often shares how getting to where she’s at took time. That shows she consistently shows up with passion until she gets the results that she wants.

5 Ways to be Inspirational

To recap, here are five things that make people inspirational:

  • They share their failures
  • Believe in others
  • Add fun and humor
  • Participate in meaningful conversations
  • Consistently show up with passion until they get the results that they want

What quality do you think makes someone inspirational?

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Inspire Others

  1. This is tricky for me. I never felt like I looked up to anyone, or had a role model. It’s not because I have terrible people in my life. It’s because I was always focused on myself instead of others. I’d rather work on my life than idly look at theirs.

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