5 Tips for Dealing with Change

Dealing with change and uncertainty of change can sometimes be worrisome, overwhelming and stressing. I say this from experience. You wish for change, you plan for it, and when you least expect it the changes start taking place.

The change that is happening in my life right now leaves me with a sense of trust that all is well. These last few weeks, I’ve been learning how to better surrender to change. The 5 tips below are helping me during this time of change.

1. Create a list of things that will remain the same

Even though there are so many things that are out of our control, there are some things we have control over. So even though there’s uncertainty that comes with change, there’s also certainty.

Certainty may mean you know for sure what things will remain the same. It may also mean that you know for sure some details of how you’re going to be seeing those changes.

Sometimes the things that remain the same have to do with your internal qualities, habits, and goals. This lets you focus on what you can control and helps lessen the worry, sense of overwhelm, or stress that you may feel about the future.

For example, one of the things I knew was going to remain the same was blogging. Amid the change in my life, I knew my blogging schedule wouldn’t be affected. Focusing on blogging helps keep my mind off the worries that come with change. Blogging also gives me a sense of purpose as I see change unfold around me.

2. Take action

We already have the usual in our to-do list. With change, there’s more to add to the to-do list. Make sure you’re completing the tasks that need to be completed. This may mean running another errand or making a phone call. It may mean planning ahead of time.

3. Reflect & refocus

When we’re going through changes in our lives, it’s also important to reflect on what has and hasn’t been working. This means that I get out my journal and start writing out all my messy thoughts, goals, worries to make sense of the things that I haven’t had time to process.

There’s a quote about insanity that I always think back to:

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. 

Albert Einstein

It’s also a time to refocus. Refocusing may mean focusing on a new track in your journey or checking in on your journey to make sure you’re not veering from track. Refocus may also mean coming back to questions of purpose: Why you do certain things? Why did you choose this job or career? Why do you spend time completing a specific activity?

4. Trust

It has taken me a while to surrender to trust in what’s unfolding in my life. We are led to the perfect circumstances meant for us. Wherever we go, when we focus on how we can give, we take the focus from ourselves and focus on how we can make a difference in the world.

For example, this upcoming school year, I’m joining a different school, and I’m focusing on how I’m going to be of service within this new community. As nostalgic as it is to know that I won’t be with the school community I started with during my first year of teaching, I’m trusting that I’ll be where I am needed the most.

5. Let go

With trust also comes the letting go of what is no longer serving us. For example, change might mean that we are ready for new challenges, new lessons. It might also mean that we need to let go of aspects of our persona and acquire new traits.

What strategy helps you when you’re going through change(s)?

6 thoughts on “5 Tips for Dealing with Change

  1. Good luck with the move and new school hon xox
    This post was very helpful, I always find change exciting and throw myself into it so much I don’t always think over the consequences.
    It is hard to start afresh somewhere and natural to feel nervous, but I know you are going to WOW them. Anyway I am here and on your side if you need any prep talks..

    Liked by 1 person

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