15 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

  1. Move your body. Walk. Dance. Go to the gym. Go to the park.
  2. Write down what you’re grateful for today.
  3. Watch a comedy show.
  4. Take a nap.
  5. Meditate.
  6. Talk to a loved one, a family member or a friend.
  7. Go out in to nature.
  8. Let yourself have a good cry if you need to.
  9. Turn on some motivating music.
  10. Make some time for solitude if you need to be alone.
  11. Drink a green juice.
  12. Help someone. Volunteer.
  13. Do something that brings you happiness: Making time for your hobby. Use your creativity and talents.
  14. Treat yourself.
  15. Write down your thoughts.

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