Celebrate the Little Things

Give yourself permission to celebrate the little things. It’s totally okay to feel accomplished on the days when you only had a few things to do.

So what if today’s to-do list was simple? So what if you’re not going at the pace you’d like to? Celebrate that one step you took out of courage, out of hope, out of determination.

Maybe you took that one step that brought you healing. Maybe today you took that one step that you know is making the world a better place. Maybe you took a step that brought you closer the the completion of a long-term goal.

Maybe today you chose to cook a meal for yourself instead of buying fast-food. Or you talked to someone you hadn’t talked to in a long time. Maybe today you helped someone with something they would’ve struggled with had they completed the activity on their own.

Maybe today went slower. Maybe there were more challenges. Maybe you did some waiting. Maybe you did all of the things that we do out of routine: you got out of bed, you fed your pet, or you drove your family or friends.

All the simple or small steps you are taking on your journey are significant. Pause. Honor your journey. Celebrate the little things.

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