5 Reasons to Show Up When You Don’t Want To

If you ever felt like giving up, you know the struggle of showing up when you don’t feel like it. I’ve been there many times, too. Do you remember all of the times that you chose to keep going? When you choose to persevere, you experience the benefits of showing up.

1. Everything gets easier when you face a difficult task

When you complete a difficult task life gets easier. The next time a difficult task comes around, you have the mindset and skills to face the new task. If you ever feel like giving up, keep going. I promise you that in the end you’ll be rewarded for your effort. You’ll be glad that you faced your fears and life’s challenges.

2. Think of all of the hard work you’ve put in

Have you ever taken an unplanned break from blogging and regretted it so much? 🙋🏽 If you’re a blogger you probably already know that consistency is key to having a successful blog. If you ever need motivation to show up, remember all of the hard work you’ve put into your projects.

Look at all of the milestones you’ve reached. Look at the abundance of completed tasks and goals that resulted from the days when inspiration and motivation were abundant. Let your previous work inspire and motivate you!

3. You make a difference even when you don’t think you do

We are selfish when we get stuck in the belief that we’re not good enough to share our gifts and talents with the world. Maybe you are a phenomenal singer or an excellent listener. Maybe you have advanced math skills or you are an exceptional debater.

Remember the comments and feedback you’ve received about how much your work matters to others. These comments highlight your strengths. Use them as fuel to help you reach your next goal.

One of the mysteries of life is that we will never know the extent of the impact we’re making on the world and how that impact affects future generations. Remember that making a difference doesn’t mean changing all of the world but making a positive difference in the lives of people already present in your life.

4. You’ll learn something new

When you show up, you don’t miss the opportunities you have to learn from life. The life lessons tend to repeat themselves until you take in what they have to teach you or gift you such as a new perspective, knowledge, mindset, mentor, or skill.

5. You’ll learn to be disciplined

Curiously enough, showing up even when you don’t want to teaches you something that comes in handy in all aspects of life and that something is discipline. Blogging wise, I once published a post that I thought wasn’t going to get a lot of views because I didn’t write it out of inspiration. It ended up getting a fair share of views. It was one of those days in which I had posted out of discipline instead of out of inspiration, and it worked out just the same.

Showing up helps you build endurance. You’ll find that things get easier as you keep moving forward. When you don’t feel like showing up for yourself, consider showing up for others. You’ll make someone’s day better! Showing up also gives you opportunities to learn such as how to be consistent. May these reasons inspire you to show up in full confidence of your strengths, experience, and ability to grow.

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Show Up When You Don’t Want To

  1. Awesome post!
    This was very timely for me, because yesterday was such a hard, difficult day, and I pushed through resistance (and a terrible headache) and went and showed up anyway for a hospice patient and his wife… I did some guided imagery with them and they really appreciated it… So, by showing up anyway I made a difference in their day and life.
    Keep going, Andrea… Your blog is wonderful… It seems the move to Austin is being good to you, eh?

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