Ouch! On Honoring Emotional Pain

Have you ever had one of those days when you are carrying a lot of emotional pain but you have to be strong to make it through the day? Like keeping your composure and professionalism at work.

As painful as emotional pain can get no matter where you’re at in life, suffering opens up your heart to allow more compassion, healing, awareness, freedom, and love into your life.

You Become Compassionate & Caring

When you honor your emotional pain, you become compassionate and caring. When you look into someone’s eyes, you see that just like you that person is capable of feeling so much pain. You understand that out of the many people living on earth, you are not the only one feeling pain at any given moment. You not only honor your pain, you learn to honor someone else’s pain.

A while back, I started a prayer journal which is something I’d never done before. It seemed that every other day, I added someone new to the list. As the list became longer, I realized the magnitude of the pain and suffering of the people I was praying for. This practice helped me become aware of the suffering present in not just me but in the world.

You Become a Healer

Sometimes people come into your life so that you can help them heal parts of themselves. It becomes easier to see other’s emotional wounds after you learn to recognize and work with your own emotional wounds. Through other’s actions and words, you begin to see where they need love, care, and light.

Moments of healing happen when you ask the right questions, when you know the perfect moment to keep silent, when you keep an open and safe body language and tone of voice, when you act with humility, when you base your conversations on honesty, when you follow your intuition. Others open up to you. They feel welcome to be themselves.

You Get Up from Your Downs Much Faster

When you are used to doing the inner work, it becomes easier to get up from your downs. You understand that the outer world reflects to you all of the things that you are still working within yourself. You know that you alone have the power to heal by honoring your emotions. You learn to feel sadness or anger or pain through and through. To get back up from your downs, you learn to stop running away from the wound.

You Become Less Attached

Sometimes we cause pain to ourselves by becoming attached to specific outcomes. We want things to work out this way or that way. So when things don’t turn out the way we wanted them to, we feel pain.

When you become aware of your attachments and let them go, you experience vast freedom. You are free to honor things as they happen outside of you. You accept other’s people’s experiences and reactions without judgement. You learn to love others unconditionally.

In this freedom, you have so much space to welcome the things that your limited mind may have not seen for yourself. You open your eyes to see all of the things you hadn’t seen before. You approach life with curiosity.

You Find Abundant Love in Your Life

After experiencing a trigger that caused me so much emotional pain recently, I found something beautiful in my day. I was surrounded by so much love.

Pain for me sometimes means that I only see lack of love. Now that I’m able to see the core of my wounds, I can still see all of the good things that surround me.

This is the balance of life. Despite the pain, there’s an endless amount of love. When you reach emotional maturity, you understand that the wound is always accompanied by a healing process. When you embrace that healing process, you embrace a path that leads to wholeness and love.

Love has no end. No one can take away your capacity to love. No one can tell you how to love. You decide how much love to give. All of us adults have inner children that need love and care. Everyone needs love. Honor your capacity to give love and accept love.

Feeling pain frees you, wakes you up. In losing, you find space for all of the things that are meant for you. If not this, something better will arrive into your life. May you open your eyes and heart to the love that surrounds you today.

2 thoughts on “Ouch! On Honoring Emotional Pain

  1. Such beautiful ways to think about emotional pain. I love the idea that others might come into our lives so we can help them heal a part of themselves. It’s just another reminder that everyone is going through something which makes kindness and compassion all the more important. Thanks for a wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

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