Love Yourself More By

To fully love your life, you don’t need a life of perfection: the perfect partner, the most beautiful house in the neighborhood, or the best salary.

Loving your life starts with loving and accepting everything that is you.

Accept your imperfections. Be loyal to your joys. Be patient with yourself during times of self growth.

Loving your life starts from loving the world within yourself.

The inner story you tell yourself on a daily basis reflects in the outer world. Keep your inner self, your inner world healthy.

Do you tell yourself that you deserve better or do you settle for less? Do you take care of your mental, emotional and physical health? Are you the first to be there for yourself during your downs?

Hold Higher Standards For Yourself

Love yourself more by setting higher standards for yourself. If you think you deserve this, how about believing you deserve something even better?

Don’t fall in the trap of settling for less. Of thinking that you’ll never have what you dream of. Of thinking why bother?

Every single moment you have the power to create the life you dream of. Even if some things are out of your control, so much of your reality depends on your choices.

Let your choices reflect the best things you desire for yourself. Every time you choose your dreams, you’re going to meet some type of resistance: excuses, low self-esteem, the thought it’s impossible, criticism, or impatience.

You are worthy of your grandest dreams. And your grandest dreams need your faith, loyalty, and patience.

Take Care of Yourself

Love yourself more by taking better care of yourself. Prioritize your body, mental, and emotional health.

Take actions steps that lead you back to health. When you feel really stressed take a break. When you feel overwhelmed, simplify your to-do list.

Become aware of your body. Have you been sitting or lying down for too long? Are you feeling stressed? Are you repressing your emotions?

Stand up. Stretch. Breathe in. Breath out.

Be Your Own Cheerleader or Hero

Love yourself more by letting your inner dialogue cheer you on and save you. All day, everyday your inner dialogue accompanies you.

Train your mind to notice even your smallest accomplishments. Train yourself to be loving and compassionate to yourself.

Fill yourself up with encouraging thoughts like I did my best today and leave the day at that. Stop the overthinking about how your day could have gone better.

When things don’t look bright on the outside or in the inside, be fully there for yourself.

For example, when someone else seems to be doing things better than you, remind yourself that with practice one day you’ll get to that level.

If you feel frustrated, feel frustrated. Feel lazy. Feel worried. These emotions indicate your next step. You are your hero.

Write down your frustrations or share them with someone. Enjoy a day off: the dirty dishes, the laundry can wait. Be fully present with your worry.

Let your frustrations out of your system. Let yourself have lazy day. Explore your worry. As you do, come up with possible solutions and accept what you can’t change.

Where in life do you need cheering, saving? Is there an aspect of yourself that needs love? How can you shower yourself with love today?

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Here at The Hummingbird’s Journal blog you will always find inspiration & motivation to help you feel whole. You’re worthy of so much love and joy. Welcome.

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