7 Ways to Be an Awesome Coworker & Why Being Awesome Matters

When you work the 9-5, your job becomes your second home.

Your coworkers become like family. You get used to their personalities. You share inside jokes.

You decorate your space at work with personal items like photo frames and artificial flowers.

Sometimes you change jobs because you move, get a promotion, or get a degree. No matter the job, one of the things that remains the same is that one awesome coworker or supervisor that stands out from the rest.

So what makes an awesome coworker awesome?

7 Ways to Be an Awesome Coworker

  1. Find humor in every situation, even when the work becomes mundane. Especially when work becomes mundane. Laugh at yourself for your silly mistakes. If someone feels self conscious or frustrated or worried, help them find the lightness in the situation.
  2. Share food. Do you have that one coworker who loves to cook or bake? Who fills ups the break room with the aroma of delicious goodies? Or the one who always bring donuts? (There have been times when I’ve been so grateful for the abundance of food because I skipped breakfast or forgot my lunch bag at home.)
  3. Be kind. Be there for others when they need help or encouragement. If you can, go above and beyond to help them.
  4. Develop charisma. Find ways to get along with everyone. Make everyone feel at ease and welcomed.
  5. Be fun to be around with. Like finding humor, find ways to make a tedious task fun. Turn on some music. Embrace creativity. Keep the conversation flowing with meaningful questions and anecdotes.
  6. Remain optimistic. When everything seems to be going wrong, when everyone is stressed, remind others that everything will be alright. Share possible solutions. Be open to other people’s suggestions. Take things one day at a time.
  7. Greet others. When you see others, greet them. Don’t ignore them. Remember them. Check in with them. Care about their experiences. Ask how they are doing.

Why Being Awesome Matters

The qualities of an awesome coworker make a positive difference in the work community.

Work becomes a place to look forward going to. Or, in the least, it become a bearable place to work at. Teams become stronger.

Of course, there are limits to the qualities of an awesome coworker. For example, don’t spend all of your paycheck to share food every day. Or don’t become over helpful to the point that you do someone else’s job for them.

Developing qualities of an awesome coworker improves your relationships at work. Everyone feels valued. You and others feel supported and experience harmony.

💭 What do you think makes an awesome coworker awesome? Does developing the qualities above matter?

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