The Problem with Being Strong

I learned how to be strong early on and for many reasons. Economic hardship. My parents’ separation. As a result, a damaged relationship with my father.

There have been days when I notice a bruise on my skin. Only to not remember when I bumped into something.

And I don’t remember the pain that should have come with the bruise. (You could say that I’m also clumsy. Focused and consumed with other things.)

I consider myself strong. But being strong isn’t always a good thing.

The Benefits of Being Strong

  • Being strong helps follow through with decisions and long-term goals.
  • Being strong helps when you no longer believe in all of the limiting beliefs that were passed down to you. You remain strong even when others don’t believe in your lifestyle, dreams, and decisions.
  • Being strong helps you make difficult decisions that no else is willing to make.
  • Being strong helps when you help others who are in pain and are in need of help.

The Downsides of Being Strong

  • Because you are strong, you don’t ask for help when you need it.
  • Because you are strong, you don’t depend on others.
  • Because you are strong, you cover the tender parts of yourself only to show the harsher side of you: the side with edge, the side that’s used to feeling icy wind on the skin.
  • Because you are strong, you don’t to rest. You take on as much as you can.

The Opposite of Strong

It’s okay to feel fragile. Some days call for acceptance of your human fragility. Some days call for rest. Some days call for surrender. Some days call for dependance on others.

Have you witnessed the beauty and grace of a delicate thing?

A delicate petal, the delicate wing of a butterfly. Even though they are fragile, they are strong in their beauty and grace.

How do you hold on to beauty or grace when you feel fragile?

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