What is Life Really About?

If your solitude has ever turned into loneliness, you know the feeling of needing someone’s presence.

Someone to listen to. Someone to talk to. Someone to laugh with.

When you’re surrounded by your loved ones, do you take their presence for granted? Do you pretend to listen to what they’re saying but are not listening? Does helping them with something simple become too much of a chore?

Sometimes you need a break from each other. Sometimes you need space and time to do your own thing. It’s part of life. Everyone has different goals to achieve and different experiences to live through.

When you part your way, do you become so consumed with your goals and your dreams to the point that you forget to nurture the most important relationships in your life?

What makes life life are relationships. Other people. Your connection with others. Eating together. Facing life’s problems together.

Life is about forgiving people who have wronged you. Not because they were right for wronging you.

They made a mistake or several mistakes. They didn’t know any better. And, if they did, you deserve peace and finality from the past.

Life is about accepting the people in our lives as they come: flawed, beautiful, and always in need of love.

On your way to reaching all of your goals and when you are living your wildest dreams, who is right beside you? Who will you share with the fruits of your labor?

Is reaching the goal and living the dream worth it if you end up alone? With abundance at your feet but no one to enjoy life with?

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