If Complaining Won’t Fix Anything,

What will?

It’s seems like there’s always something to complain about.

The day could be flowing smoothly and out of nowhere, oops, a mistake, a complaint, a misunderstanding.

Last week I caught myself in complaining mode. Too much on the work to-do list as always. No surprise there.

Have you noticed that when complaining becomes a routine habit it takes away the beauty of life? If complaining won’t fix anything, what will?

Feeling gratitude, simplifying, finding support, taking a break, slowing down the pace, creating a plan, and changing your attitude are simple ways to get out of complaining mode. You don’t need to apply every single one of these strategies. Choosing one of them is enough to help flip your day around.

Feel Gratitude

Look at your situation with gratitude. If a new expense came up this month, you can say, “I am grateful to have the money to pay for this expense.” This shift in perspective reminds you how blessed you are for having the means to solve a problem.

Another way to feel gratitude is to use one of Mel Robbins sentence starters. Instead of saying, “I have to _______”, say, “Today I get to _______.” Switching your perspective reminds you that not all people get to do what you are doing. Whether it’s working from home, raising children, or maintaining a car.


Is there too much on your plate? Are you organizing your time wisely? Are you overcommitting to everything and everyone?

Ask yourself today: What’s one task I could go without doing? Removing this task from your list will give you more time to do the most important ones.

Find Support

Lately, I’ve been finding a lot of support from God by reading the Bible. Reading it helps center me and reminds me of God’s purpose for my life. I learn how God has our backs.

The following verse gave me so much peace the other day:

She is clothed with strength and dignity, / and she laughs at the days to come (meaning she anticipates the future with gladness free from anxiety).

Proverbs 31:25

After reading it, I put my trust in God so that I don’t worry about the future. Not having the future to worry about, gives you less things to complain about.

Also, check in with your support system: a loved one, your besties, a coworker. Someone who will remind you to take things a day at a time. Someone who is willing to hear you vent. Someone who will motivate and inspire you to see your situation in a new light.

Take a Break or Slow Down the Pace

Complaining can also be a sign that you need to take a break or that you need slow down your pace. Life is not all about work and all the other things that come with #adulting.

If you’ve worked on your to-do list for 4 hours straight, give yourself permission to take a break. You’ll feel refreshed and more purposeful to complete the rest of the tasks.

Create a Plan

If there’s something to complain about, there’s a plan to fix the problem. Decide what doesn’t work for you that causes you to complain. Brainstorm ideas on how to improve your situation. After you create a plan, put it into action.

For example, my plan a few weekends ago was simply to not take any work home. I’d been complaining about this. As a result, I felt reenergized when I got back to work the following Monday.

Change Your Attitude

Some complaints don’t have solutions. What do you do then? When you can’t change something on the outside, go inward. Change your attitude about the situation.

Instead of focusing on what you will gain from the experience, ask yourself how you can add something of value to the situation. How can you be of service to others?

For example, if you complain because someone’s response was rude. There’s nothing you can change about the way someone chooses to act. But you can be conscious of the way that you respond so that you don’t become two fools arguing with each other without end.

Don’t let yourself complain about the same thing for days or weeks, when you can fix the problem now. Next time you find yourself in complaining mode, use the strategies above to help you make better use of your energy.

Because, truth be told, complaining depletes the energy you could be using to be thankful for what you have, to create a plan to help you fix a problem, or to change the way you look at your situation. So that in the end, you’re left with peace of mind to help you enjoy the beautiful day in front of you.

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