Homey, Cozy Minimalist Home

I love the idea of minimalism, but minimalism isn’t homey, cozy enough for me. When I picture a homey, cozy home, I see lots of things: photo frames, quotes on decor, and homey scents. Lots of light, soft pillows and throws.

I see things that show history: antique furniture and discolored cooking pans. I see lively things: an abundance of plants and pets.

3 tips to create a homey, cozy minimalist home

Is there such a thing as homey, cozy minimalism then? It turns out that there is. The following are 3 tips to create a homey, cozy minimalist home:

  1. Focus on style over quantity: For example, do you prefer an elegant style or a nature-themed style? Either you go for the gold vase or the cactus pillow. Or maybe you go for both? (This tip is from “When You’re A Cozy Minimalist :: Decorating Made Easy” by Myquillyn Smith.)
  2. Use a few large things versus a lot of small things: Display one large indoor plant or one large wall decoration like a mirror or a photo. (This tip is from “How To Have A Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style Less Stuff” by Jane.)
  3. Find the balance between coziness and functionality: Choose cozy things that you will actually use and not just have for the sake of decorating. For example, I have some yellow towels in the kitchen that make my home feel sunny warm. I use them on an almost daily basis. (For more information on functionality, you can read “How to Pull off Cozy Minimalism: A Perfect Blend of Two Opposing Styles” by Tara Mastroeni.)

more tips to create a homey, cozy minimalist vibe

Decorate with things that are meaningful to you. Be creative in the way that you organize and store things. For example, I like to use mugs as pencil holders. You can also use the following:

  • a meaningful thing such as
  • a three-in-one picture frame of your loved ones,
  • a car license plate from the state you used to live in,
  • or this month’s calendar that you actually fill in
  • a beautiful thing such as
  • an indoor plant

how to balance “homey, cozy” & “minimalism”

As I was writing this post, I realized that my home looks more on the minimalist side than the cozy side.

The walls are bare. The rooms have a bare amount of furniture.

I’m surrounded mostly by functional things: a simple white desk lamp, a full-length mirror, a dish rack.

My home could use a vase of flowers, a framed print of art, or a plush pillow to create that homey, cozy yet minimalist vibe.

However, before you add homey, cozy things into your home, you must first define home. For me, home is a comfortable place to relax and eat.

Home is a place to plan and dream. A place to welcome goodness: loved ones, soulful conversations, and meaningful change.

You don’t need a lot to make your home feel cozy, homey. There’s such a thing as creating a homey, cozy space without sacrificing your minimalist lifestyle.

You need just enough things to give your home warmth: a vanilla-scented candle, a welcome-home door mat, a bookshelf full of only your favorite books.

You need the perfect combination of style, balance, and impact that gives your home the feeling that someone was there, the feeling that someone will be home soon.

7 thoughts on “Homey, Cozy Minimalist Home

  1. I love this , Great tips super helpful. I am guilty of buying like every home decorating thing in home goods , but i am trying to cut back- this is motivating!

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  2. This post is timely for me and my kitchen updating project. After everything was taken down for painting, I’m finding that I’m not so interested in putting things back. As the self-proclaimed Dubious Minimalist (TM) it’ll be interesting to see what makes the cut or not. Your tips will come in handy!

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