How To Find Yourself

Finding yourself is not about finding yourself. Finding yourself is about being yourself without the mask.

It’s knowing whether you’re following society’s dream for you or if you’re following the dream that’s rooted in you like a plant.

What do you hide underneath that mask? What light do you keep from shining out into the world?

When you find yourself, you might feel like you’re walking one step farther away from your old self. But finding yourself was never about walking away from yourself. Instead, you embrace the authenticity that is always within you.

Like a plant, you begin to care for your authenticity. By caring for your authenticity, you let yourself grow. You bloom. You let yourself not just live but live fully without limitations.

get out of your comfort zone

If finding yourself means being yourself without the mask, being yourself without the mask takes so much courage. You have to be okay with someone not liking you. You have to be okay with not fitting in.

From personal experience, I know that getting out of your comfort zone isn’t easy if you’re not used to it. I was always a shy kid. Uncomfortable with anything that put me in the spotlight.

There will come a point in your life when getting out of your comfort zone is the only choice you have left to feel the freedom that your soul craves.

Getting out of your comfort zone requires a balance of gentleness and firmness. Be gentle with your feelings of fear or worry. At the same time, be firm and follow through with your decision of stepping out of your circle of comfort.

trust and follow your intuition

If being yourself without the mask takes so much courage, it also takes courage to follow your intuition. The curious thing about following your intuition is that you can’t always see what’s ahead of you.

Your intuition tells you, Right this way. You trust, and you follow.

Finding yourself, means that you value your intuition enough to always do what feels right to you. Whatever right means to you.

From personal experience, following my intuition has led me back to peace. It has led me to some major self growth that helped me see life at a deeper level.

What’s beautiful about trusting and following your intuition is that it guides you to where you need be. Sometimes you get this feeling of what you should do next, of what you should do or say. Your intuition will always lead to what’s best for you.

Your intuition also knows when you’re not being true to yourself, your life vision, and your values. It knows when you’re unhappy or dissatisfied. It knows when it’s time to change things up.

spend time alone

If following your intuition takes courage, so does spending time alone.

When you are alone, you have no one to lie to. You know when you’re lying to yourself because you know yourself best.

Even when you know yourself best, you continue to learn about yourself. You gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. Your character strengthens.

Your life experiences turn into wisdom that you can’t ignore. Maya Angelou put it perfectly when she said, Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Be honest with yourself when you know better about yourself or about the world. Don’t relive the same experiences that keep you from being your best self or from living your best life.

If finding yourself is not about finding yourself, finding yourself is about holding your authenticity dear. The world will try to convince you to be mean or to put on a face that is not yours. Don’t dim the light that is your life for the sake of others.

Let the world see the face that has always been yours. Let yourself feel vibrant green with life through autumn, through winter.

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