On Letting Go

When you let go, you feel free. You can let go of so many things. People. Expectations. The past. Home.


No matter how kind, patient, and loving you are, you have to take care of who you surround yourself with.

There’s this saying in Spanish: Mejor solo que mal acompañado. It means better alone than in bad company. Let go of the relationships that don’t enrich you.


Let go of the world’s expectations of you, of caring about what the world will think of you. You are not here to follow someone else’s plan for you. It’s scary sometimes to not do what’s expected. But it’s freeing and worth it.

Try new things. Live each day remembering that death can come at any minute. Even if the day didn’t start on the best note, it may be your last one.

Let go of your own expectations of the world too. No matter what happens outside of you, you decide if you show up let down or unfazed.

the past

When change comes, let go and learn to move on from the past, the rich and thorny past. Only this present moment will ever be yours.

So, yes, reminisce. Revisit those unforgettable sunsets, people long gone. If you must, revisit the home of the wound.


I let go of a place I called home for many years only to find that home must be a much grander place. Not a city or a country. I have found that home will always be my body.

Your body is the home of the most precious thing you have. Life.

Let go so that you can make space for new things. Unfortunately, when you let go, you say goodbye to both good and bad things. Sometimes the life lesson reminds you that nothing outside yourself is yours.