do what you love, write your heart out

Sometimes I feel like a wannabe writer. In journals, I write letters to my future and old selves. I thank my old self for being brave. I plead my future self not to change, not to become prideful.

I think I’m a wannabe writer, but there’s a thing or two that I have learned about writing.

We are all writers.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness beginning writers grow. My students ask me, how do you spell this word? They ask me, what does effable mean?

(If you’re wondering, effable means able to be described in words.) As writers, we keep adding new words to our vocabulary.

Writers pay attention to sentence structure and word choice. Writers paint a picture when they compare two unlike things. Writers write with a purpose. Writers know good writing when they read it.

Writers read.

I love reading good writing. I hate finding good writing that tells sad stories though. I feel too much. Those stories become too much to bear.

I feel like a wannabe writer but sometimes I write things that I feel proud to share. Sometimes I write things that are too cliche. Too simple. Or ungrammatical.

When I read other people’s writing I see confidence, humor, dreaminess, retrospection.

We are all writers.

When you pick up your favorite pen or when you start typing on your computer, what is the first thing that you want to write about?

Do you dedicate your words to someone: God or a person long gone? Do you dedicate your words to the past or to the future?

It takes effort to write your story, any story. You write until there’s nothing left to say on the matter when you do what you love and write your heart out.