do we really get wiser, the older we get?

Martin Luther King Jr. said, the time is always right to do what is right. But isn’t doing the right thing sometimes the most tedious or difficult thing to do?

They say that the older you get, the wiser you become. You become more attuned to what the right thing to do is.

However, I don’t know that we always use our wisdom to help us do the right things and at the right time. I know that I sure don’t because had I done the right things last week, I wouldn’t have had to pay for the consequences twice.

Wisdom teaches you to pay attention to the details or to not leave things for another day. When the time comes to do the right thing, you rely on wisdom to help you discern right from wrong.

11 ways wisdom helps you do the right thing

  1. You stop making the same mistakes and use past experiences to make better decisions. 
  2. You step out of your point of view and take other details into account, so that you can see another’s point of view.
  3. You can look at the situation objectively.
  4. You don’t make decisions based on ego. 
  5. You learn to keep other people’s stories in mind. You understand the deeper reason for why someone acted or said what they did.
  6. You let wisdom guide you when you’re ready to start a project, make a decision, or begin a new journey.
  7. You learn to not just ask any question, but the right question.
  8. You see the truth for what it is. You don’t mask the situation. You stop making it prettier. 
  9. You learn to see the big picture not just the details. And vice versa: the details are just as important as looking at the big picture.
  10. When you do something and others question it, judge you, or look at you weird, you trust the meaning in life that you have found.
  11. No matter what life throws at you, with wisdom, you’re ready to face your problems.

As you get older and as you get wiser, may you keep wisdom at your side to help you know right from wrong. May you also have the strength, discipline, and courage to do the right thing in perfect timing.

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