don’t you dare give up

yes, I’m talking to you.

When you feel like giving up remember the purpose of your efforts. Do you want to get better at something? Do you want to reach a dream goal?

Going from beginner level to intermediate level to pro takes learning, failing, and a determination to keep trying.

It’s tempting to give up when you’re not seeing the results that you want, but always keep in mind that getting results takes time and patience

When you feel like giving up, choose to keep trying, keep growing. Keep becoming your best. Let any setback strengthen 💪 your determination to accomplish your goals.

show up imperfectly

Instead of giving up, learn to show up imperfectly. By this I mean, show up however you feel or look. Show up feeling or looking messy. Show up even if you’re a beginner and feel like you don’t have the knowledge or skills.

You don’t have put a happy face to the world. Show up even if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Show up even when you feel like you have nothing to give. Even your best effort at your worst makes a difference. 

show up to “the work”

whatever “the work” means to you. And, here, I’m not talking about job work. Show up to the work of life’s responsibilities because living is work and sometimes very hard work.

Show up to the work of being a daughter or a son, of being a friend. Show up to the work of maintaining your relationships, of becoming a better leader, or of being a decent human being. 

There are days when there’s seems to be no hope ☁️. When you can’t find the energy or joy of living.

These feelings and life phases are temporary. They are not here to stay. 

Even if things look messy imperfect, even if you don’t have every detail planned out, don’t you dare give up.

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