how to blog productively when you got a million things going on

blogging is a journey, an adventure. As you keep showing up to your blog, you grow as blogger. For example, you learn how to write better blog post titles.

Becoming a better blogger definitely takes time and effort πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’». When you feel like you got a million things going on in your life, does blogging start taking last place?

As you continue to schedule in blogging time into your already packed calendar, you can still keep blogging productive. Productive blogging starts with finding a meaningful purpose, structuring blogging, and giving your best effort

#1. find a meaningful purpose

by BK (Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0))

As of late, my intention for this blog has been to keep it on a hopeful-positive-light vibe.

The intention is that readers will find hope for the day, inspiration to feel joy, or strength to follow their dreams.

In much the same way as I feel inspired when I watch Marie Forleo’s videos on YouTube (she always ends her videos with, “the world needs that special gift that only you have”)

and in much the same way, I feel wholeness when I scroll down the “You Are Luminous” feed on Instagram, I want this blog to help readers get out of a funk or help support them during difficult times of self growth 🌱. 

Find a meaningful purpose for your blog, so that when you feel like giving up or you feel like not showing up, you remember why your content matters.

#2. structure your blogging

At the beginning of my blogging journey I had no structure.

Little by little the structure came, starting with a blogging schedule followed by setting aside writing time.

When you give your blogging structure, you find discipline and motivation to write even when your eyes feel droopy after a long day of work.

You begin to write way ahead of the scheduled times. You find the right balance between reading other blogs and writing for your blog.

#3. give your best effort

It’s super important to keep growing as bloggers. Sometimes I’ve gone back and reread posts that I wrote a long time ago, and I can’t believe what I wrote because I’m always changing as a blogger.

To give you an example, this whole week I used a GIF in every blog post, I also recently changed the color of the post headings to gold.

Give your best effort during the time you’ve allotted to blogging. Within that time frame, choose the most important things that need to get done. 

I hope these tips help you experience a meaningful and productive blogging journey!

Join the conversation: what helps you blog productively, especially when you feel like you’ve got a million things going on?

14 thoughts on “how to blog productively when you got a million things going on

  1. Yes, I found out that structure for blogging is really important. When I started blogging I was just waiting for my inspiration but then I had days when it didn’t come. So now I’m committed to my schedule and usually, I just have to start and the inspiration will come. Thank you for sharing these tips πŸ™‚

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      • Not really. I’m still trying to find a better way. I think having a schedule helped quite a bit. Sometimes, when I don’t have enough time to write, I will go in and insert my signature + closing and set tags, etc. That way it takes less time when I actually do sit down to write and then get ready to post. I don’t pre-write. Many successful bloggers write a month worth of posts in a single weekend. As of right now, that is not something I want to do due to the nature of my blog. But maybe it’s something that could work for you.

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      • I see how having your signature, closing, & tags ready help time wise. I don’t have a signature or closing, but preparing those tags definitely helps me too. And like with your NROP pieces I see how prewriting would go against writing about the newness of the events happening.

        Liked by 1 person

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