motivation to end (the year, a project, a cycle) on a good note

are you familiar with the inspirational and motivational vibes that you feel at the beginning of things: at the beginning of the year, a project, or a new cycle? Where do these vibes go when you need them the most, at the ending of things?

Starting on a good note has always been a forte of mine, ending on a good note not so much 😔.

You start a project or the year with all of the right intentions, perfect energy, a sense of flow just to find yourself depleted somewhere down the line when you’re really close to the finish line.

If you had the determination to start on a good note, you can end things on a good note.

There’s something about seeing the finish line that helps put your perspective back on track. If you gave it your all at the beginning of things, why not also give your best effort at end of things?

Endings set the tone for the new beginnings that are to come.

Finishing off on a good note is a way of saying: I’m committed to this goal or project, and I gave my best until the very end.

There’s no space to feel regret. You don’t wonder where you could’ve done better because you gave it your all. 

When the ending of things is near, take stock of all the great things you’ve accomplished. Look back and remember that if you were able to make it through the many hurdles, you will make it to the end.

Ending on a good note doesn’t mean that you’re using the same energy you gave when you began. Ending on a good note 🎶 means that you find inner strength and determination to finish what you started despite feeling tired and ready for a break.

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