Time to take a self-care break

give yourself permission to take a self-care break. You give and give your energy, time, and attention to your job, your loved ones, your home, your life.

It’s time that you let yourself receive time to rest. Keep things balanced. 

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When to take a self-care break

No matter how much you feel that you need to improve at becoming better at your job or at life (workaholics & perfectionist, I’m looking right at you), there comes a point in life when taking a self-care break is necessary.

If you’re constantly tired, drained, unmotivated, or resentful because you don’t feel a sense of balance, you’re in need of a self-care break.

Why you should take a self-care break

Take some time off to replenish and reenergize. Let your self-care break refresh you. Your body and soul resents it when you don’t take a break.

Maybe all that you need is a short break to realign yourself with the purpose of your work. Taking a breather helps you come back to life with renewed motivation. When you’re well-rested, you perform better in your work and projects. 


How to take a self-care break

As long as you are not working, you can watch your favorite movies, read your favorite book. Sleep in or treat yourself to a spa day. 

How much time you need for your self-care break will depend on how much balance you need back into your life.

However you choose to take your self-care break, let it replenish you with energy and motivation to pick up where you left off.

9 thoughts on “Time to take a self-care break

  1. I agree self-care is so very important indeed. And the trick is knowing your body’s limit and topping up your tank when it gets drained.
    Journaling is the best thing for self-care because then you really get to know yourself on a deeper level not just the surface face.
    Hon xox

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