On Finding Hope

Watching the sunrise means that it’s a new day. You have a new start. The day holds a mystery because you don’t know how everything is going to turn out. A sunrise holds so much hope.

Good things are going to happen. And when things don’t turn out as you wanted them to turn out, there’s hope that you will find support and solutions.

Hope arrives in your life through your relationships, the ways you make a difference in the world, and through your goals and dreams.

Hope in Relationships

Who are the people in your life that make you feel like everything will turn out okay in the end? Do you have that one friend who checks up on you to make sure that you are okay? How do you pass on hope in your relationships?

We take turns sharing and listening to each other’s troubles. We give words of encouragement, support, and understanding. When someone is feeling down, you’re there to help them see light. And when you’re the one feeling down, someone is there to cheer you up.

Nurture your relationships. The more care, honesty, and love you put into your relationships, the more authentic they become. Forming authentic relationships means that you are never alone. You can count on others, and others know that they can count on you. People in your your life will hold you accountable for doing your best.

Hope in Making a Difference

Think of all of the ways that you make a difference in the world today. Do you volunteer? Are you proud of the eco-friendly lifestyle that you lead? No matter what you do to help make a difference in the world today, there is hope because your efforts are making a difference.

Personally, I believe that making a difference doesn’t mean taking a dramatic step or making grand plans.

The simple ways in which you make a difference add up to something grand. If you wish everyone a good day everyday, you become that person who is known for consistently wishing others well.

It’s as simple as reminding someone of their worth. It’s as simple as sharing your experience in the form of an anecdote. It’s as simple as being present in the events that are important to others such as a soccer game. Show up where someone needs your support by simply being there for them.

I was talking to a friend recently, and I told her how I still remember how years ago she answered my call late one night when I was feeling really hopeless. I don’t remember every detail of what I told her that day, but I do remember feeling reassured and gaining hope after our conversation ended. What I needed that day, I think was for someone to hear me out and let me know that things were going to turn out okay.

Hope in Your Goals & Dreams

What goals and dreams do you currently have? Think back to that end result that you want to achieve. Every day that you work on your goals and your dreams, you are one step closer to achieving what you want.

The path may feel rocky, you may feel like it’s taking too long for your dreams to come true. Your patience, determination, and enthusiasm for the completion of your goals are part of the process.

One of my favorite ways to find hope in my goals and dreams is to think of the achievements and dreams that have already become a reality. There were days when I didn’t think some of those things would come true because like flowers dreams and goals take time to bloom. It takes time to see the results.

When you think of all of your achievements whether they’re small or big, remember to hold on to hope as your set and work on your next set of goals and dreams.

With abundant hope, you look forward to Mondays. When you have hope you see beauty in everyone. Not just your loved ones and friends, but all of the people you cross paths with.

With abundant hope, we all keep each other motivated and inspired. When the sunrises, hold on to your many hopes. May your hopes motivate you to live your best life and to make the best of the day.