15 ways to refresh your mind, body, & soul

Every now and then, you get signs to refresh your inner & outer sparkle ✨ . You feel like you need a break, a self-care day. You feel drained or in need of some alone time.

If you’re currently in need of refreshing your mind, body, & soul, here are 15 ideas to help you regain your sparkle ✨.

  1. Read a book for the soul.
  2. Take a break.
  3. Gift yourself nature time.
  4. Have a heart-to-heart conversation.
  5. Sleep in. Rest.
  6. Do nothing.
  7. Journal. Reflect on your life through writing.
  8. Be gentle with yourself. Let go of the inner critic.
  9. Find nourishment in your connection to God.
  10. Go on an adventure πŸ—ΊοΈ. Do something you’ve never done before.
  11. Listen to music that inspires & uplifts you.
  12. Be honest with yourself. Listen to your intuition, to your inner wisdom.
  13. Make time for quiet and solitude.
  14. Create new visions, goals, and dreams for yourself.
  15. Let go of all of the things that are not working in your life.

Please let me know, what helps you regain your sparkle ✨? Have you tried any of the strategies above?