Have you seen your gift yet?

Dear reader, a few weeks ago as I was walking straight toward the produce department at the supermarket, a woman jumped into my path out of nowhere. 

She asked me with a smile and cheery face, have you seen your gift yet?

She caught me off guard because I was so ready to check off my grocery list.

I thought how clever of her to try to sell me something with that line. I was like: a gift? For me? 😂

So dear reader, have you seen your gift yet? 

Here it is:

It’s a thank you card! 

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your support of The Hummingbird’s Journal blog!

Thank you for connecting with me on here. 

I’m sending you the best holiday vibes ✨.

May 2020 bring you so much love, joy, & peace 💛🌼🕊️.

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