How to welcome the unimaginable

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable,” says Mary Oliver. What does the unimaginable mean to you?

Does the unimaginable mean a dream that seems impossible?

To make room for the unimaginable, for an impossible dream, keep an open heart and an open mindset.

You keep an open heart and and open mindset by being careful with the beliefs you choose to keep, by being faithful to your vision, and by surrendering to what’s out of your control.

Rewrite the story in your head

Staying true to a dream is hard. If you weren’t born in the best set of circumstances or if your life has been full of struggle after struggle, then your dream may feel like it’s impossible to achieve.

For example, if money problems were normal in your household growing up, imagining a life of wealth for yourself might be difficult to take in.

If you tell yourself, because I grew up poor, I will always be poor, you’ll reinforce that belief in your mind. Therefore, rewrite the story you tell yourself on a daily basis.

If you believe that your dreams are not going to come true because people in your life have tried and have never succeeded, you’ll allow yourself to settle for a life of dissatisfaction as well.

Change the story inside your head, so that no matter what you’ve lived through, you give yourself a chance to live the life of your dreams.

Living the life of your dreams starts with you: your first step is believing that the life you want is possible.

Believe & envision

Have a vision of your unimaginable dream. Hold that vision dear and near to you. 

It’s easy to lose sight of dreams when you focus on your current circumstances or when you lose hope or when you start to believe limiting beliefs.

No matter what other people believe about your goals and no matter your circumstances, keep your vision safe from the things that can tear them down in seconds.

Have patience, trust, & let go

Like planting and waiting for a tree to grow, allow time for your vision to become your reality.

After you you do your part and put in hard work, you will reach a point in which things will be out of your control.

The manifestation of your dream takes patience, trust, letting go, and surrendering.

The unimaginable, the dream that seems impossible, is at your doorstep knocking and waiting to be let in.

Are you ready to welcome the unimaginable?

Are you ready to welcome that dream that seems impossible by telling yourself an optimistic story about your future, by believing in your vision no matter the odds, and by surrendering to what’s out of your control?

5 thoughts on “How to welcome the unimaginable

  1. I don’t like dreaming about things that are impossible to achieve. But your post is a great reminder that we don’t always know what is and isn’t possible. This year, I have definitely worked towards the unimaginable. Some bigger, some smaller steps. I might get there or I might not. But the journey is so freeing.

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