How to shine on

How do you keep yourself sparkly motivated and inspired when you feel ready to give up? If you want to shine on–to keep the sparkle in your eyes–accept that hardships are a normal part of life.

As you face your hardships, stay true to yourself by choosing a path that fulfills you. And as you follow that path of fulfillment, have courage to change things up as needed.

Embrace your hardships

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

Challenges will always be part of your life story. When the challenge seems impossible to solve, remember the following quote:

Everything is figureoutable.

Marie Forleo

No matter what challenges arise, face your challenges with creativity, strength, determination, and positivity.

Don’t let a challenge sour your life story. You have the power to decide how much your challenges will affect you.

Will you let your challenges stop you, or will you face them and persevere?

Stay true to yourself and your dreams

Be brave enough to choose the dreams and goals that bring you contentment and happiness.

If you’re not feeling content with your life, ask yourself why, and be really honest with your answers so that you reach clarity.

When you’re clear about your vision, the plan to achieving your goals will also be much clearer.

Be a game changer

If change is the only constant, becoming a game changer is a way to keep up with change.

Do things differently, ask questions, and be creative.

You can change the rules of the game, choose to keep things fresh, and learn to be adaptable.

Problems, discontentment, and change are not meant to dim your light. On the contrary, with creativity and the resoluteness to keep going, you shine brighter.

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