3 wonderful benefits of gratitude

“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before,” said Maya Angelou. Finding wonder in a day of routine starts with gratitude.

Feeling grateful helps you experience a life of abundance and hope. Gratitude helps you accept the lesson in the struggle.

1. A life of abundance

Feeling grateful helps you see the abundance in your life because you always have more than you think that you have. It helps you see abundance where you see lack.

The key to finding abundance in life lies in feeling grateful for everything: solitude, change, negative and positive experiences, music, nice weather.Β 

2. A lesson in the struggle

How are you grateful for change?

Find the lessons, the gems in your “negative” experiences. Life lessons help you learn, grow, and become stronger.

Find gratitude for the negative experiences, the challenges, the mistakes.

Challenges and mistakes teach you how speak up, how to improve, how to let go of what isn’t meant for you, how to accept what you can’t change.

3. Hope

Gratitude for me began during a time when I felt hopeless.

One of the many things that caused my hopelessness, a while back, was getting myself to work and to college by riding the city bus.

I hated waiting at the bus stop in freezing or hot weather. I’d go into complaining mode.

The problem with this negative thinking was that it led to more and more and more complaining. I would focus on all of the things wrong in my life.

One day, as I walked to the bus stop, I began a simple gratitude practice. I made a mental list of the things I felt grateful for. It was very simple. I felt grateful for my warm jacket, my boots. I felt grateful for the blue sky, the trees, the sunlight.

Feeling grateful is the key to finding the wonderful things in your day. It’s the key to finding hope. Because even when things are not flowing perfectly in your life, you can always always find things to feel grateful for.

  • What’s one thing you’re grateful for at this moment?
  • Is a challenge in your life currently teaching you something? What is it teaching you?
  • What’s one thing that’s giving you hope lately?