This is how the story ends

The story ends with you loving your life–if not completely, a little bit more. The story begins with a moment of desperation, of sadness, of shame, of madness, of loneliness.

The magic happens the moment you’re willing to heal from suffering.

The magic happens the moment you face the truth with humility. That moment is there to bring you back to a path of wisdom, of love, of forgiveness, and of peace and freedom.

My path of healing started because of those moments of suffering. It started because I felt so much pain, anger, despair, sadness, and resentment. There came a point when enough was enough.

I don’t know that life will ever be perfect, but I found that when you choose the path that heals you, you feel lighter, wiser, and stronger. You become open to seeing how life is precious despite the suffering.

Be present

When you’re present by not living in your mind, by letting yourself take in the details of your surroundings, you experience the world at a richer level.

In your internal silence and internal space, you find a wealth of wisdom, strength, and peace. With this wealth, you’re able to tackle life’s problems with grace and calm.

Change your inner dialogue

by you are luminous on Instagram

The language, the thoughts, and the beliefs, that you use to make sense of the world make a big difference on how you appreciate life.

Your inner dialogue either helps reinforce limiting beliefs or they become the seed that brings awareness, healing, and transformation into your life.

Change your inner dialogue by journaling, finding time for solitude, or by following accounts on social media that share messages that bring light into your life. 

Be grateful 

Gratitude heals you when you accept the wisdom that the struggle brings.

When something bad happens or when someone does or says something hurtful, you can choose to find the gem in that experience.

That lesson is something to be grateful for because you gain a gem of wisdom that you’ll have for the rest of your life. 

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou

Whether you choose to be present in the moment, to transform your inner dialogue, or to be grateful for the life lessons, let yourself enjoy the gift of life by accepting your life as it right now.

Start loving your life–if not completely, a little bit more

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