How to keep yourself motivated & optimistic

Keeping yourself motivated and optimistic throughout the week starts with balance. Balance starts with making time to reset, rest, & refresh. You’re at your most motivated, most optimistic, most open, and most yourself when you give yourself time to reenergize.

When you don’t find time to pause, you become overly stressed, tired, and resentful. It’s hard to stay motivated and optimistic when rest and play are sacrificed for work and #adulting priorities. 

If you want to keep yourself motivated & optimistic everyday, here’s a 3-step plan you can use:

1. Balance your routine & schedule

Create and stick to a routine & schedule that balances time for refreshment and for work. Make time to pause and reset especially when life feels hectic.

2. Refresh your mind, body, & heart

How you experience the world has a lot to do with how you see the world through your thoughts, emotions, & beliefs.

This is what makes up your inner self. Everything comes back to how you experience the world inside your mind and heart.

When you refresh your mind, body, and heart, you’re more open to seeing the world’s wisdom & beauty.

3. Make time to practice your gifts and talents

Find time to practice those skills and talents that you love, that bring you happiness, and that come naturally to you. Such as singing, building, dancing, writing.

Life isn’t just about giving. There comes a time when you must let yourself receive, in order to keep life balanced.

And when you keep life balanced, you have the energy, motivation, & optimism to carry on.

What keeps you motivated & optimistic?

5 thoughts on “How to keep yourself motivated & optimistic

  1. I find myself focusing on 1 and 2, but often forgetting about 3. Or if I remember, it is the last thing on my list. You definitely inspired me to treat it more seriously.

    What keeps me motivated? Most of the time, it’s the promise of happiness.

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  2. Wonderful post, Andrea!

    I especially love the 2 photos you selected… I really adore that little cup with the steaming black coffee… My Dad often says that expression “Go get em”, and I love how the cup is red and golden, some of my fave colors! 🙂 And I also really like those rustic looking steps, they invoke interesting feelings!

    Black coffee keeps me motivated and optimistic, along with singing sacred chants!

    What about you, what keeps you going forward in happiness?

    With cheerfulness,
    Teja 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Teja! I’m glad the photos connected with you ✨. (I spend quite some time looking for the perfect ones sometimes). I’m so with you on the coffee ☕️. & I’m happy that singing sacred chants motivates you & keeps you optimistic 💛. Hmmm, what keeps me going forward in happiness is hope, finding the gem in my experiences, that sooner or later everything leads me back to peace & love if I choose to learn from the life lessons ~ Andrea

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